dominant girlfriend

Some time ago, the phrase dominant girlfriend sounded really strange. Women didn’t have the right to vote or express their opinions. Men were considered leaders in the family, and their word was the last in any discussion or argument. Women were expected to do householding chores, look after kids, and meet their husbands at home

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dating anxiety

If you have been absent from the dating stage for some time, then you may easily understand the phrase “I have dating anxiety”. Many women and men feel a little bit nervous before scheduling a romantic meeting, and it is quite okay. Still, some of them absolutely can’t cope with overwhelming emotions that prevent singles

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Dating vs Relationship

Those who somehow interact with the opposite gender often ponder over the question of “What is dating vs relationship?”. Although these concepts may sound similar, they have absolutely different meanings. Even if it seems to you that you’ve built a serious connection with your partner, it is necessary to know how to find a difference

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