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How to Make Her Wet—Most Effective Words to Drive Her Crazy Online

How to make her wet? This is the most widely-used question among aspiring online love seekers who want to have success in relationships with the best bride that makes them happy. If you get acquainted with a gorgeous woman online or during your vacations, you probably want to know how to make her horny. Fortunately, there is no need to be next to her to showcase your naughty desires. You can use erotic messages to build closer bonds and have an exciting time during your chats.  

With the advent of modern digital technologies, you can easily get her wet and accomplish all your sexual goals. However, it is still necessary to avoid weird phrases in order not to confuse your partner. That is why it is necessary to apply the right techniques and use phrases properly to turn on your partner. Moreover, it will be easier for you to communicate with a foreigner via text. Read on to learn how to make a girl wet over text and bring your sexual connection to a whole new level.  

When to Use Sexy Words to Make Her Wet?

First off, it is necessary to understand that sending kinky messages may seem relatively weird, especially at the beginning of your cooperation. You will need to build a connection first, and only then send sweet words to make her wet. In this case, you will have more chances to bring your communication to the notch. You can use naughty words and phrases to spice up your conversations or make your connection more intimate. So, keep these examples of erotic texts at hand during your next love adventure. 

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Advantages of Writing Wet Dirty Texts

If you are hesitating whether to text messages that make her wet, feel free to learn the advantages of a kinky corporation. Some of them include: 

  • If you are too shy to express your emotions and naughty thoughts, you can use words to make her wet. This is an excellent way to make your connection even deeper. 
  • Those who have long-distance relationships on dating sites can use dirty words and phrases to spice up their virtual sex sessions. 
  • Special quotes to make her wet may come especially in handy if you want to give your relationships a boost. 
  • These phrases can be helpful as an exercise before a hot night. 
  • In case you feel like your relationship has tension, you can learn how to make her wet to create special bonds. 

Top 25 Things to Say to Make a Girl Wet

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If you want to drive your sexy partner crazy, feel free to use these examples of sexy messages. Once you have a couple of kinky phrases up your sleeve, you will definitely make her pussy want you. 

  1. You are getting hotter each time I see you. 
  2. I am all about kissing your neck and touching your shoulders. 
  3. The only thing I am dreaming about is to see your beautiful naked body. 
  4. You can’t even imagine how strong my desire is to kiss your sweet pussy with my cold lips. 
  5. I want to explore every inch of your stunning body. 
  6. I can’t believe I have met such a gorgeous woman.
  7. My sweetheart, what are you going to wear tonight?
  8. Your beautiful body deserves special admiration.
  9. I want to hug you and gently touch your belly.  
  10. Will you be mine every single day?
  11. I would like to have your pussy for breakfast.  
  12. Kissing your body, especially its intimate parts, is my priority.
  13. I get so horny by imagining your super sexy naked body.
  14. Your boobs make my heart go pitter-patter. 
  15. I want to hear how you ask me to get inside you and move slowly. 
  16. Your lips are touching my neck. Imagine?
  17. Your pussy must have a sweet flavor. 
  18. I want to do a blowjob each time I see you online. 
  19. I am so happy to meet such a seductive lady. 
  20. Would you like to play naughty games?
  21. Do you even imagine how beautiful and hot you are?
  22. I would like to please you with my hot hands and cold tongue. 
  23. You don’t even imagine how badly I want you. 
  24. The passion between us is so strong that I want you every time I see you. 
  25. Which poses do you like? Do you want to hear my favorite ones?
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How to Make Her Wet with Words? Best Seductive Messages to Know

If you have already discussed intimate topics, you can use these messages to better understand how to make her wet. With such pleasing words, your girlfriend will certainly want to please your desires. 

  1. Your gorgeous smile makes me crazy. I want your lips to taste my dick. 
  2. I am going to eat your salty pussy tonight. 
  3. I want to kiss your hips and smell them so badly. 
  4. How about dirty exercises in bed?
  5. I want to lick your pussy and do a blow-job simultaneously. 
  6. My horny dick wants to be inside your wet pussy. 
  7. Would you like to try how my tongue tastes? 
  8. I am waiting for you to fuck on my couch. 
  9. Don’t you mind if I put my two fingers inside your pussy?
  10. I want to try different poses with you. 
  11. The first thing I am dreaming about in the morning is your salty pussy. 
  12. I am dreaming of you to be here to lick you off. 
  13. Your moan is so sweet that I want to bring you to the heights more and more.  
  14. I want to make you horny. How about reaching an unforgettable orgasm? 
  15. Do you like touching yourself? Will you do what I ask?
  16. I want you to be on top! Say yes!
  17. Would you like to experience the best sex in your life?
  18. Would you like to see how I touch myself? Granted, you have never heard such moans. 
  19. Fucking hard with you is my strongest desire. 
  20. I want your hands to touch me everywhere. 

Making her Wet—Useful Tips and Rules

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right time to make your girlfriend insane with nasty texts. That is why it is advisable to follow some rules and hacks to please your partner properly. Aside from sending pleasing messages, you will need to keep the following tips in mind. 

Don’t Incorporate Dirty Talks Into your Conversations Too Often 

Sending messages too frequently doesn’t always work, especially if you have already started out your relationships. The most important thing here is to not overdo it with nasty words. You will need to make your girlfriend feel excited rather than confused or annoyed. It is better to rely on the quality of your messages rather than quantity. 

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Avoid Insisting on Rapid Response 

If your girlfriend doesn’t answer you rapidly, it doesn’t mean she ignores you. However, even if delayed responses affect your ego, it doesn’t mean you should always remind yourself. it is better to talk openly to find out whether your girlfriend likes dirty words to make her wet. Moreover, not all people can answer the questions immediately. Aside from being busy at work, your lady can do household chores or something more important.  So, don’t insist on a quick response and be patient. 

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Don’t Write Too Dirty Texts 

Those who want to achieve success in their love adventures should find a balance between flirting and dirty conversations. It is advisable to combine flirty phrases with nasty ones. You can compliment your girlfriend to please her and then continue your conversation with sex words to make her wet. Thus, you can showcase your interest and make your partner feel special. It would be strange to send a photo of your dick at the beginning of your conversation. You should prepare a ground first and only then proceed with texts to make her wet. 

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Complement Your Text to Make Her Wet with Suitable Emogi

While it is good to know things to say to make her wet, it is even better to spice up your conversation with the right emojis. It especially works well when the girl doesn’t understand your message. Nevertheless, the right emoji can highlight your emotions and intentions. YOu can use kisses or winks to complement your romantic words to make her wet. Also, it is possible to use fruit emojis to give subtle overtures.

Final Word

Whether you want to jazz up your everyday routine with exciting sex adventures or you are all about making your moan scream with pleasure, you can send kinky words to make her wet. Being armed with useful words and phrases, you will certainly make your girlfriend excited. 

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