Preparation for Marriage: Things to Do Before Getting Married

Marriage preparation is an exciting period in everyone’s life. When you think about your wedding day, you, of course, want it to be perfect and unforgettable. You want to feel and look your best, you want everything to go smoothly, and you want your guests to feel welcome and impressed. Well, it is not only about the wedding day but the life that you and your partners will start together.

What are the five steps to marriage preparation?

  1. Fiancés should discuss how to prepare for marriage financially.
  2. Set long-term goals and see how similar your values are.
  3. A couple must define a comfortable way for conflict resolution.
  4. Each should express their view on preferable family dynamics.
  5. Openly talk about intimacy and expectation. 

Later in this article, we will review the main marriage preparation questions and help women and men deal with all the ups and downs that usually come after the wedding day.

How to Prepare a Woman for Marriage?

How to prepare yourself for marriage if you are a woman? First, you need to understand a woman’s role in marriage. Lately, women are choosing feminine roles that are less caring and traditional. However, men look for ladies with traditional values. A traditional wife is a woman who creates a comfortable and warm ambiance at home, supports her partner, listens to his advice, and allows him to lead. 

“A good wife is a wise wife” or “Happy wife – happy life.” both explain the woman’s role in marriage. A woman should understand that creating conflicts, demanding respect, and expecting certain things from her husband will not lead to smooth relationships.

She needs to learn to have open communication, not be shy about expressing her desires and emotions, respect her partner, and not be judgmental. This will build a strong foundation for a lifelong partnership. 

How Does a Man Prepare for Marriage?

How to prepare for marriage if you are a man? The role of a man in marriage has evolved over time and now varies based on cultural, religious, and individual factors. Still, fundamental principles a man should have will contribute to a healthy and successful marital relationship.

Usually, a man is seen as a provider for a family. It does not necessarily mean that a man will work 24/7 to provide for his wife and children, but a man should be responsible for supporting his family. 

Every woman looks for a man she will feel safe and protected with. Being able to comfort a woman, support her, and help her make big decisions will undoubtedly be appreciated. After giving birth, many women go through challenging times, so being her best friend and helping her with the child and household chores is crucial. It is also important for men to serve as role models for their children, demonstrating qualities like responsibility, kindness, and generosity. 

A man who is planning to get married should understand that his happiness depends on how he treats his wife. If he is caring and affectionate and appreciates everything she does for him, his life is going to be joyful. Spending quality and romantic time with your wife will contribute to a harmonious marriage. 

Why Do We Need to Prepare for Marriage?

It is important to mentally prepare for marriage since the wedding day is the beginning of “we.” From this day forward, the two will have to work as a team. So, what are the steps before marriage? We would advise partners to:

  • Discuss their goals and help each other to achieve them.
  • Be honest about the desire to have kids, their number, and how to raise them.
  • Create a budget and discuss financial goals.
  • Tell what each needs to feel loved and supported. 
  • Mark out what things each will not stand (cheating, abuse, ignorance, jealousy, etc.)

Being open and honest will build trust, which is the core of a happy and lasting marriage. Although these recommendations sound like a good idea in theory, we understand they can be difficult to practice. This is why we encourage you to look through some of our articles on how to prepare for marriage while single and maintain healthy relationships. 

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