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Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Make Your Big Day Special

When two people plan their big day after a marriage proposal, they want to make it great and unforgettable. They look through numerous wedding ceremony ideas to make a big special truly special. With such a variety of recommendations, it is quite difficult to choose unique wedding ceremony ideas. That’s why we prepared a list of great ideas to help you make the final decision.

Plant a Tree Together

Do you have an outdoor wedding ceremony? Then choose one of the wedding ceremony ideas instead of the unity candle. Planting a tree together is a great way to care about nature and do something symbolic.  If your ceremony takes place in the backyard, then you can plat the tree at once. In another situation, you can take it home in the pot. In any case, such a touching alternative to a unity candle will be a great reminder of your wedding day and never-ending love.

Сreate a Cocktail

Having unique wedding unity ceremony ideas is great but why not work out something mixed? Creating a cocktail appears to be both fun and sentimental. For example, if you both like beer, then you can choose two different but complementary drinks. Pour them and drink together once you are wife and husband. If you like something another, then take advantage of it. Anyway, it is better to choose simple beverages so that you can create a cocktail together without any effort.

Add a Spiritual Moment

If you are interested in nontraditional wedding ceremony ideas, then keep an eye on this one. It may be a song in the circle with a prayer. The most important aspect here is to involve your guests in the wedding ceremony. This way, two communities will be united. Also, you can mind the location and ad the destination heritage. For example, Sofreh Aghd for Middle Eastern affair, or Shamanic ceremony for Mexico. A spiritual moment can greatly diversify your day and help you remember it forever.

Light A Unity Candle

You can choose any of the wedding ceremony ideas instead of unity candle but mind that it is still one of the most popular ideas. Choose it if your couple wants something classic.  Make sure that three candles are already on the altar before the wedding starts.  They must be two taper candles and a large candle. The latter serves exactly as a “unity candle”. After exchanging the vows, you should light it. It is one of simple wedding ceremony ideas but still very beautiful.

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End the Vows With a Dance

It will suit both day and night wedding ceremony ideas. There is no need to wait until the reception to have the first dance. End the ceremony from cheek to cheek. It looks really sweet. Or, start a quick dance to share your happiness with each other and all guests. Do not prepare beforehand and let your heart guide you.

Jumping the Broom

Do you still seek wedding ceremony script ideas? Why not use the broom to have some fun, especially if you have kids.  They will hold the broom and you will bound hands together before jumping over it. Such action symbolizes that the partners leave their single lives and start a married one. It will look great on the wedding pictures. If you want, you can place the broomstick at the exit to encourage the guests to jump over it as well.

Ring Warming

This is one of the cutest wedding ceremony ideas.  It will allow you to involve all guests in the event and make them active participants of your wedding day.  You need to pass your ring to the guests either before or after the main ceremony. Every person should take the ring to bless, pray or add positive energy to it. If you plan to invite many guests, then it is better to realize the idea before the ceremony. This way you will be sure that you get your ring back on time. Also, consider tying or putting the rings into a box not to lose one of them.

Sand Pouring

Another option among wedding unity ceremony ideas is sand pouring. Prepare two separate jars of sand to pour them into one glass. Be creative and take two different colors. This way, you can create a stunning design that will become a great item for your home place. In case you have kids, encourage them to join you and create a reminder of a new, happy family union.

Picture Backdrop

You can make your day special with cool wedding reception ideas. A chalkboard backdrop will match weddings of any style. Using it, you will let the guests take nice pictures and set the right mood for the entire evening. The couple can start the activity and show the rest how to have fun.

The Last Word

It goes without saying that marriage is a serious step in the life of every person. If you want to make this event really outstanding, then consider any religious or non-religious wedding ceremony ideas. They will help you remember this special day for a long time and save warm memories on the pictures full of love, happiness, and care.

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