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Married Life — What is Marriage Life Like?

Almost 90% of married people believe that they have married their soulmate. But at the same time, only 67% of such couples report that they are truly happy in their relationship. As you can see, going down the aisle with your loved one is not always the secret to a long and happy life together. What is the secret, then? Below, we’ve compiled the best tips for married life. Read on to find out! 

What to Do in Married Life?

Recently, you were just a couple going on dates, binge-watching Netflix series, and doing cute romantic surprises for each other. And now, you’ve come to a more serious level of your relationship—married for life. What do you do to make it work and stay happy with your partner? 

Work on your communication

Once you are officially married, there are new things that need to be discussed. For example, you might want to talk about your budget or let each other know how you feel about other people. Household chores also often become a stumbling block. The only way to keep the relationship alive despite these not-so-pleasant aspects is to communicate openly on different topics. 

Set aside time for yourself

Time to yourself is just as important as time spent together for a happy marriage life. Rest, reflection, and self-indulgence are essential. It can be hard to find time alone in a marriage, especially if you have children. Try going out with friends, taking a course, or doing voluntary work—anything that makes you feel good. When you are back together with your spouse, you will both appreciate each other even more.

Continue improving your love affairs 

If you are officially bonded together, it doesn’t mean you should stop working on your relationship. The other person doesn’t belong to you, no matter what papers you have signed. Keep showing your love to your spouse. Buy her flowers, book a table in a fancy restaurant for no reason, spice up married sex life with some toys, and do all the other little things that represent your feelings. 

Is Married Life Different?

You’ve celebrated, heard lots of happy married life wishes, and now you’re the same people but with a new status. What else is different? Before marriage, it’s easier to leave after a big fight, but marriage means staying and talking things through. 

When you get married, your view of your spouse and your relationship will change, and others will look at you differently too. Your family and friends will see you as a more defined unit. By the way, your commitment to each other might even inspire others to get engaged and start building a family.

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