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Marriage Problems and Solutions Couples Should Know

If you find yourself asking: “Why is it so hard to leave a bad marriage?” maybe you give up too soon. Marriage is a beautiful thing. People dream of finding the right partner to share time, support, and give love. Marriage brings happiness and expands families, but marriage can sometimes be challenging. Money issues, differences of opinion on how to raise kids, goals in life, and dissatisfaction with one of the partners in relationships can lead to marriage problems. To help you enjoy your lifetime with your partner, we decided to review marriage problems and solutions that will help you save the precious connection. 

What are the Most Difficult Times in a Marriage?

Every marriage is unique, but there are specific periods when you and your partner can face common marriage problems. Let’s review several difficult times in a marriage.

First two years

Early marriage problems start when two individuals try to work as a team. At first, you can’t wait to see each other and want to spend 24/7 together. However, soon, you try to understand how to live together, accept each other’s habits and behavior, merge finances, and establish new routines.

Parenting years

A vast majority of couples face marriage problems after baby since this period puts a strain on their relationships. Lack of sleep, shift in focus from each other to the children, and increase in expenses may lead to depression and conflicts. 

Mid-life crisis

Such narcissistic marriage problems such as bullying, gaslighting, blaming, intimidation, lying, verbal and psychological abuse start from one partner feeling dissatisfied and not being able to have an open conversation. 

Empty nest syndrome

Common marriage problems after 20 years appear when children leave home. During this period, couples may feel lonely and empty and struggle to connect with each other on the level they had before becoming parents. 

What is the Biggest Problem in Marriages?

There is a wide spectrum of problems in marriages that vary depending on the couple. However, some common issues that often arise in marriages include:

  • financial difficulties
  • lack of trust
  • routine
  • conflicts over parenting

Let’s take a closer look at the most common problems. 

Financial difficulties

Financial problems may arise in the first year of marriage as well as after 20 years of living under one roof. Dissatisfaction with the financial situation in marriage often leads to stress, tension, and conflicts. Partners may have different habits in spending money and financial goals, so it can be challenging to have a mutual budget. Student loans and mortgages can put families at unbearable stress where one of partners may seek relief in alcohol and drugs. 

Lack of trust and cheating

Lack of intimacy in marriage often leads to cheating, which then carries even more significant problems like loss of confidence. One of the other reasons for infidelity is when partners don’t meet each other’s needs regarding understanding and support. Lack of trust is one of the introvert marriage problems when one or both partners have difficulties opening up and saying out loud what bothers them. Often, people are scared to point at what they do not like, being scared of upsetting those they love. Communication problems in marriage are the core of negative dynamics within the relationship.


Any long-term commitment implies routine. Household chores, looking after kids, and Sunday shopping do not leave enough time for “me time.” Neglecting your desires will soon lead to sexual problems in marriage. Both partners should strive to spend quality time together and listen to each other. Date nights or weekend getaways usually help couples to connect emotionally.


Conflicts over parents are common, too, since even adults who decide to bring a child into this world do not always agree on what is right and wrong. One of the parents may feel like they are doing more work. Parents may have different approaches to raising a child, disagree with educational choices, and not know how to deal with their kid’s special needs. Interracial marriage problems include parenting issues since such parents often experience societal stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.

How Do You Fix Marital Problems?

We have a bunch of handy articles that give good advice on how to fix problems in a marriage, whether you have been together for 3 or 30 years. These articles are based on psychology and practice. We hope that now you will be able to recognize marriage problems signs and prevent having conflicts with your nearest and dearest. 

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