cheating in marriage

Сheating in Marriage: Meaning and Ways to Deal with Infidelity

Cheating is something that most people never want to talk about. When you are in a marriage, this is something that mayl break the marriage up very fast. It is essential to understand with your partner what constitutes cheating in a marriage. Everyone has their own idea of what cheating is. Unless you discuss this with your partner, you will not know where the red line is. For example, some people believe that having an intimate conversation with someone other than a partner is cheating as well. 

It is critical to understand where each person sits on this topic. Once you understand what your wife or husband thinks is cheating, you can prevent it. This is a very large topic and one that splits people’s opinions. There are so many different ways you can cheat in a marriage but first, you should define what is cheating in a marriage for you. Let’s talk about this topic in detail.

What is Cheating in Marriage?

Communication is essential if you want a successful marriage. If you do not communicate what you constitute as cheating, you may be in a difficult situation. There are various forms of cheating, and everyone has a different opinion. Cheating is not only when you are married and have sex with someone other than your wife. This is what would be called cheating 101. This is the most popular and most recognizable way of cheating. But it does not end there.. 

Cheating in marriage is called when you spend your spare time with another woman or man. Kissing someone other than your partner is cheating. Is sexting cheating in a marriage? Some married people will certainly agree that sexting is completely inappropriate and as bad as having physical intimacy with someone else. Another way you could be cheating is you are sharing your inner thoughts with another woman other than your partner. This would be called emotional cheating. 

Financial cheating is when you spend your money on another person. You wine and dine with another person who is not your partner. How about online affairs? These are very popular nowadays, with more people getting involved in these types of situations than ever before. 

How Common is Cheating in Marriage?

Unfortunately, the topic of infidelity is very popular nowadays. The percentage of cheating in a marriage has reached record highs, with 25% being reported. This is a huge number and one that seems to be increasing every year. With so many people using social media, cheating has increased a lot. There is much more cheating through the internet with online affairs. It is reported that 69% of marriages end because of cheating. Cheating is definitely a big issue and something that can easily be avoided. The main reason cheating takes place is because of feeling not valued enough. 

When women feel that their partner is not showing them enough attention, cheating is much more likely to happen. For many guys, cheating in a sexless marriage is common. Men who have a high sex drive and are not getting what they want are likely to start cheating. It is a shame that, rather than talking about their feelings, men are more likely to stay quiet and cheat. This is why communication is the only way to have a strong relationship. You need to talk with your partner about your desires and needs. 

How Do You Deal with Cheating in a Marriage?

Dealing with cheating in a marriage is extremely challenging. For many couples, there is no coming back from it. There is a high percentage of marriages that fail because of cheating. This is something that many people can never forget or forgive. But there are ways to deal with a cheating incident. It is worth remembering that cheating does not need to end your marriage. Some couples go through a cheating incident and come back stronger than ever. 

The list below illustrates some ways you can get through a cheating incident:

  • Allow yourself to experience paid, anger and frustration;
  • Do not seek payback with revenge cheating in marriage; 
  • Take care of your mental well-being;
  • Never blame yourself;
  • If you have children, keep them out of it;
  • Seek professional help. 

These are some ways you can deal with a cheating partner. The main thing is to always look forward and never go over old ground. If you can not stop thinking about the cheating incident, then you will not be able to move forward. You need to know if it is possible for you to continue with your marriage. If you can not move forward, it is best to walk away as soon as possible and not waste any more time. Many people claim they can forgive and forget a cheating partner, but in reality, they can not. 

Is it Bad to Cheat in Marriage?

Marriage is something that should be treasured and nurtured. When you finally decide to share your life with someone, you must be committed. Infidelity is different for every person. Some people think it is okay to cheat, as long as their partner never finds out. But if your partner does find out, it may be something that breaks your marriage. A betrayal like cheating can be very difficult to deal with. Some people ask if cheating in a marriage is illegal; the answer is no, but it certainly is a quick way to divorce. 

If you are in a happy marriage, you should not think about cheating. Cheating often occurs when one partner feels unwanted, unloved, or does not get enough attention. They will go to someone else to get what they desire. The answer is to never get to this point. Through good communication, you can prevent all of this from happening. 

In case, you value your partner and are married, you should want to save what you have. Protecting your marriage is important, so the articles below are essential in assisting you. We have several handy articles on this topic that are aimed at couples going through tough times. Feel free to check them out. 

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