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Intimacy in Marriage: Definition, Challenges, and Tips 

Intimacy is extremely important in a marriage. A recent research showed that about 74.2% of couples who experience lack of intimacy in marriage end up divorcing. Intimacy is all about feeling close to your partner. This can be through sex and physical touch or by expressing your thoughts and feelings. It is very important to start building intimacy in marriage as soon as possible. Feeling close to each other is critical if you want to feel good and have a strong connection. 

The good news is that through this article, you will discover the best ways to have a satisfied and harmonious marriage. Intimacy comes in different forms. That is why you must fulfill every aspect of intimacy in your marriage. We often hear a question: “What are intimacy issues in a marriage and how to solve them before we divorce?” Right now you have a chance to learn exactly what these are and how to have a healthy intimacy in relationships. 

How Do You Show Intimacy in a Marriage?

Marriage is a sacred relationship and something you need to be compassionate about. As intimacy is such a vital part of a relationship, you must express it. There are different ways to show your partner intimacy. You can be intimate in the bedroom; sexual intimacy in marriage is one of the most common forms. But it is also essential to show intimacy in other ways. This can be done by expressing your inner thoughts and feelings. Acting like that lets you become closer to your partner. 

Asking a partner about their feelings and thoughts is a fantastic way to build a stronger relationship and connect. Intimacy takes many different forms, so there are various ways to get intimate with your loved one. The main ingredient is being vulnerable to your partner. The more you show your vulnerability, the closer you both will feel to each other. If there is no emotional intimacy in marriage, it will be short-lived and without feeling. 

What are the 4 Times of Intimacy? 

There are four types of intimacy that will lead to a satisfying relationship:


The physical is the one that most people think of right away. A husband-wife physical intimacy intimacy in marriage leads to a feeling of well-being and satisfaction. Being sexual with each other releases various hormones that make you both feel good. 


Another way to be intimate with your lover is through emotional expression. This means expressing your thoughts and feelings. Once you can share this with your partner, you both have a better understanding of each other’s needs and desires. 


Now, we move on to mental intimacy. You can do this by sharing your beliefs and ideas about life. When you share these intimate thoughts, you instantly respect each other much more. You will have a much better understanding of each other’s mindset. It will also give you an idea of why your partner does certain things. All of their traits will become clearer and make more sense to you. When you have this greater knowledge about your lover, your respect grows. Naturally, you will feel closer and more intimate. Following these techniques will certainly help you start rebuilding intimacy in marriage. 


Lastly, you can show intimacy with your partner through a spiritual connection. Sharing your sense of purpose with your lover will build a deeper level of connection. Expressing your thoughts on religion and your belief in a high power will inevitably bring you closer. These are all types of intimacy in marriage. Once all of these are satisfied in you and your partner, your relationship and marriage will prosper. You will both feel complete and fulfilled. A deeper connection will be reached, which in turn creates a more harmonious life. 

Maintaining these 4 aspects of intimacy will make your marriage happy and last. 

What is Normal Intimacy in a Marriage?

Most people would class physical intimacy in marriage as normal intimacy. Having a good sex life is often what most people refer to as good intimacy. In some cases, marriages that are under strain will use intimacy in the bedroom as a coping mechanism. Some couples will make sexual intimacy the most important if the other aspects of their relationship are falling apart.

Sexual intimacy is undoubtedly one aspect of intimacy, but as we have shown, there are various types of intimacy as well. Unless you tick all the intimacy boxes, your relationship could be put under strain. By having a full package of intimacy, not only sex and intimacy in marriage, you will have a complete relationship. You will feel better and stronger together once you build intimacy in all aspects. 

How to Build Intimacy in Marriage?

Building intimacy in your marriage takes effort and time. If you are looking for a short fix, it does not exist. The question of how to improve marriage intimacy is often searched by women and men of different ages and races. We have listed some ways to help correct a marriage without passion and intimacy:

  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Make time for each other
  • Show affection
  • Put yourself in your lover’s shoes (this is called empathy)
  • Have compassion for your partner
  • Be vulnerable
  • Tell your partner about your desires

These are simple methods to build a loving, intimate relationship. Intimacy is all about understanding each other and respecting one another. We are sure that these techniques are ways how to improve intimacy in a marriage. 

Can a Marriage Survive without Intimacy?

The short answer is no. Intimacy issues lead to marriage breakups more than any other marriage issues. If you follow our useful tips, you will improve your intimacy problems and become closer. Remember that sex and intimacy in marriage are not the only issues that you need to look out for. Emotional and spiritual intimacy are equally important. We have lots of information based on psychological studies that can solve your intimacy problems. If you catch these signs early, you will have a great chance of having a happy, fulfilled marriage.

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