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Do Women Like Anal Sex?—All Secrets Revealed

If you are pondering over the question “Do women like anal sex?”, you will certainly need to learn all the secrets of women’s attitude to this intimate process. Based on the relevant research, a great share of females consider anal sex more intimate than vaginal intercourse. Moreover, numerous ladies find anal stimulation more pleasurable compared to other sex types. Keep reading to learn everything about why ladies prefer anal sex and what are the biggest turn-ons for them during this kind of intimacy.

Anal Sex In Details—Main Statistics and Facts Outlined

Do women actually like anal sex? To give an accurate answer to this question, take a deeper dive into statistics and some relevant facts. Being armed with this information, you will better understand why some ladies are crazy about anal penetration. 

  • Based on the Littleton & Axsom research in 2003, the main reason so many women get engaged in anal sex is the prioritizing of their partners’ needs above their own, though the scientists differentiate a bevy of other motivations. 
  • According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women of 25-29 years old are more involved in anal sex compared to other age groups. 
  • 46% of those females who have already tried anal sex have admitted that they prefer such type of intimate intercourse more than others. 
  • 17% of women get orgasms more often during anal sex rather than vaginal sex. 
  • 18% of ladies admit that anal penetration typically stimulates every erogenous part of their bodies, which gives irresistible sensations. 
  • Married women who trust their partners try anal sex more often compared to those females who prefer one-night stands. 

Why Do Women Like Anal Sex?

why do women like anal sex

Even though each lady is different, the females’ desires related to anal sex are pretty similar. So, why do some women like anal sex? Explore the main reasons ladies are so gray about penetration in their anus and better understand the cornerstone of such a great interest of modern women in butt intercourse. 

Ability to try new things in the bedroom

Those ladies who are committed to their partners for a long time, usually keep trying to spice up their intimate life. Experimenting in a bedroom can eliminate marriage or dating anxiety and even refresh relationships between men and women. In this case, women become the leaders in their intimate adventures and offer different experiences for their partners. Indeed, based on Cosmopolitan’s survey data, 23% of couples who have trouble in relationships and sexual life admitted that anal intercourse helped change things for the better. 

Desire to please their partners

It goes without saying that some men offer anal intercourse to their partners in order to highlight their masculinity and appear more mature as a man. Some obedient ladies or those who truly love their men and want to please them agree to have anal sex for the sake of their relationships. In the majority of cases, females enjoy a new experience no less than their male partners. However, there are still numerous women who consider anal sex an episodic session to satisfy the needs of their significant others. 

Urge to experience new sensations

why do some women like anal sex

A lot of ladies are just curious about what it is like to have a penis inside their anus. They have a great passion to jazz up their intimacy and feel something absolutely new. Numerous ladies consider that they are doing something hot and completely unexpected during the session. They believe that it can be compared with crazy overstimulation in a good way. especially if the male partner is experienced enough to perform the motions properly.

An idea to be a better lover

Some ladies are on the lookout for extraordinary ways to be better lovers and improve their love affairs. This is where anal penetration comes on stage. Both partners involved in the session will achieve vibrant emotions from an anal session which will positively impact their connections. The main thing here is to discuss the action in the tiniest detail before giving anal sex a go. 

Ability to explore the orgasmic potential to the fullest

Do black women like anal sex? Of course, the strong desire to spice up the intimacy doesn’t depend on race or ethnicity. Nevertheless, the statistics say that black ladies are more likely to explore their orgasmic potential than white women. Many females don’t mind the idea of experiencing different kinds of orgasms simultaneously. Moreover, anal sex is a great way to trigger all erogenous zones and make the female’s body explode with satisfaction. While touching a clitoris, a penis stimulates other sensible zones, which may result in a fantastic orgasm. 

Chance to try naughty and taboo things in bed

do women actually like anal sex

Do women like anal sex? Yes, especially when it comes to crossing the boundaries of society. A lot of cultures and religions consider anal sex abnormality in relationships. It is a vulgar and weird way of intercourse. Nevertheless, some ladies adore breaking the rules and pampering themselves with prohibited fruit. There are a lot of women with super kinky desires and doing something slutty is one of them. Anal intercourse is rebellious, which may be a great turn-on for many female representatives. 

Top Tips On How To Make the First Anal Sex Experience More Pleasurable

If you are going to try anal sex for the first time, these top tips will certainly come in handy. Study all of them to make your experience a breeze. 

  1. Discuss the session with your partner in advance. You will need to find out which things are comfortable for your partner and which ones are taboos.
  2. Prepare all the toys and protection beforehand. The last thing you want is to look for a condom when things are too horny.
  3. Use the lube. The water-based lube will simplify the penetration, eliminate the injuries and help make the sensations even more vibrant.
  4. Adjust the motion. Talk to your partner during the action. If one of the partners experiences painful sensations or feels uncomfortable, you will just need to say something about it.  
  5. Discuss your feelings and sensations after the session. Aftercare is essential, especially if you are going to incorporate anal sex into your intimate life on a regular basis. 
do black women like anal sex

Final Thoughts

Do women really like anal sex? Despite the prejudices of society, anal intercourse has been one of the most popular sex activities for many years. There are numerous stereotypes implying that men engage their partners to play annually. However, nowadays, more and more women express their desire to have sexual intercourse. Moreover, numerous couples use it as their main sex activity. Indeed, the waters surrounding this topic are a tad murky. Nevertheless, those who tried it once will hardly give up. 

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