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Marriage with a Foreigner: Pros and Cons

Updated on December 12, 2022

Marriage is a serious step no matter whether you are deciding to unite your life with a local or a foreigner.  In the case of the latter, you should be twice more careful as it has not only pros but cons. If you are about to marry someone from another country, then learn some important things. Eventually, you will know what to expect from marriage with a foreigner. Mind that these peculiarities work for both men and women because international marriage is quite a complicated union.  

Advantages of International Marriage

When you meet a special person, you like everything about them. At this right moment, you do not think about related challenges that you are going to face in case of marriage with a man or a woman from overseas. Instead, you focus all your attention on the pros of international marriage. And this is not surprising since there are really lots of them. Let’s look!

international marriage

1. Expanding the horizons

By uniting your life with best foreign woman or man, you get a chance to expand your own horizon, learn new languages and study the culture of another country. This way, you are becoming better and more intelligent than the previous day. Living in another place provides you with new experiences, and the opportunity to gain new skills. It is the best way to leave your comfortable space and reach impressive goals. By interacting with people of another nationality and culture, you start to look at the same things from another angle. It is possible to discover some cool economical hints and change your attitude to a wide range of issues. 

2. Smart and nice kids

Perhaps you have seen kids of international couples at least once. It is not difficult to notice them in the crowd as they really differ from other children. Numerous researchers proved that children born in international marriages are smarter and more beautiful. They are bilingual and boast better memory and excellent cognitive abilities. As a result, these kids show awesome results in all spheres of life and become a real pride of their parents.

3. Revealing new personal qualities

After getting married to a foreigner, you are more likely to discover something new about yourself and become a better version.  For example, you have never tried something before but next to your partner, you are getting open-minded, and ready for experiments.  As a result, you may become more attentive, patient, and caring. This will have a good impact on your young family, and on your own individuality. Mind that you almost have no chance to avoid facing these changes. A new environment with its traditions will make you look for new ways and new opportunities. If earlier, it seemed to you impossible to live without something, now you realize that it is quite okay. In most cases, a person also experiences changes in values and views on definite questions

4. Mutual interest between partners

Men and women constantly get to know each other better at all levels: physical, emotional, cultural, political, and religious. In other words, the international couple has incredible potential to save interest and constantly develop their relationship. Even if at first, available differences seem to be a real obstacle to a happy life together, over time the partners will understand how they help keep the spark alive.  Both man and woman will go on learning the beloved and opening their new sides.

The level of life is improving

In case one partner has a better financial situation and is ready to share it with a spouse. In other words, a partner with a worse level of income moves to another country and starts a new page. As a result, this person changes conditions to live and develop. A new country is almost always about opening new horizons. Of course, it should be mentioned that this person is expected to act as well. Otherwise, they risk losing their partner’s interest. Who on Earth would like to care about the beloved who just seeks comfort?

pros and cons of marriage with a foreigner

Disadvantages of Marriage with a Foreigner

What incredible excitement people experience when they hear about marriage with a foreigner. How many awesome pictures start to appear in their heads? At the same time, they do not fully realize that along with numerous pros, there are disadvantages that they should be aware of. Knowing them will help you get ready for possible difficulties in advance:

1. Language barrier

Even if you know some basic phrases and can build simple sentences, it is almost impossible to avoid misunderstanding. But if you have dating on matchmaking platforms, it will be no problems for because of function of automatic translating. Some things are difficult to translate into another language and explain due to the peculiarities of the country. You will have to learn to think in a new language. Hence, you need some time to get used to a new reality. At first, it will be challenging and inconvenient. Everything around you will be unknown, and you are expected to make a great effort to understand other people and let them understand you.

2. Family’s judgment

What do you think: is it always happiness to be married to a foreigner? Not all families are ready to accept a new person who is coming from another country. They are sure that their dearest can find a better match in their native city/country. As a result, you may face judgment from their side that would have a negative impact on the relationship. The same works for your friends and coworkers. All in all, you got into a situation when the whole world is against your love. This may be a real obstacle to your happiness as instead of enjoying your romantic relationship, you start focusing on negative emotions and unpleasant words. 

3. Differences in traditions

Every country has its own traditions and customs both religious and cultural. It may be difficult to find compromises that require long discussions and mutual respect. Not everyone is ready to change their ordinary way of thinking. These differences may become a ground for quarrels, therefore worsening relationships. A wide range of surveys prove that differences in cultural backgrounds are a common reason for divorce. Unfortunately, not all couples can successfully solve all related issues and live happily together despite these differences. 

Western man and Slavic woman

4. Expensive travel to relatives

When you decide to live with your spouse in another country, you can’t take all your relatives with you. Hence, there is a necessity to visit them. Despite the distance between countries, traveling is not a cheap pleasure. You will have to spend money on tickets to see your dearest people. Agree, that such extra expenditures will prevent you from realizing your common plans with a spouse. Simply put, you will have to choose whether you want to see your family or spend an unforgettable holiday in an exotic country with your love, for example. In addition to the high price, you will have to stay without your partner for some time. Unfortunately, some couples can’t go through such periods peacefully and face a lot of misunderstandings in the long run.

5. Different approaches to bringing up children

Not all partners have the same idea of bringing up children, and when these partners are coming from different countries with different cultures, their ideas may be dissimilar even more. This means plenty of conflicts and constant misunderstandings. Those who are married to a Muslim can understand the issue well. Even if you try to find some compromises, it is a hard way to take.


Now you know the main pros and cons of marriage with a foreigner. Still, you should remember that all people are different, and you may face the same difficulties with a partner from your country. Feelings are the most important thing, and people who love and appreciate each other can go through all difficulties hand in hand.  If you understand that you want to spend all your life with a definite person, then focus your attention on the positive sides and work on your relationship every day. Soon you will notice how close you are to each other despite the differences in culture and religion because there is no distance between two loving hearts.

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