Is it Always Happiness to be Married to a Foreigner?

If you are about to get married to a foreigner and you are eager to find out the answer to the question “Is it always a happiness to be married to a foreigner?”, then prepare to discover the truth. The answer is – yes, it is. Despite some sad stories and related difficulties of living abroad, starting a family with your soulmate is happiness for sure. If you have some doubts, then keep reading and find out why international marriage is a good idea.

Why is Marriage with a Foreigner Worth Candle?

While your family and relatives may dissuade you from international marriage basing arguments on associated myths, you should follow your heart. The difficulties are common not only for international unions, and there are no guarantees that you will avoid them in case of starting relationships with a local. Instead of focusing on possible challenges, you should pay attention to things that prove the opposite.

Relationships with the same-minded person

Despite the differences in education, upbringing, traditions, religion, and other issues, you get a great chance to live a happy life with a person who shares your views and values. How little all those differences mean when you hold the hand of your soulmate and look up in the sky full of stars. Not everyone is lucky to experience such incredible emotions and feelings. Hence, no distance exists between people who care about each other. It is always possible to find a solution and get agreement on a certain issue. When two people want the same – strong relationships and a happy family, nothing can obstruct.

Endless opportunities to develop

When you start relationships with a foreigner, you receive the opportunity to learn another culture, its traditions, customs, and language with all its nuances. Even if at first you think that building life from a scratch is frightful, soon you will understand that at this moment your development starts. You can go in for new activities, get an education, change the workplace, and try things that you have never tried before. Marriage with a foreigner extends your horizons for sure. You can risk and enjoy the result, or stay aside and watch how your life passes by.

Extending a list of friends and comrades

A new place is always associated with new acquaintances. First, you meet friends and relatives of your partner, then you find like-minded people in the local area. Day by day, the list of your friends and comrades will get larger. It means you can learn something new, discover your own personality better and make friends with people who have the same point of view on definite questions as you do.

Visiting new places

After the legalization of marriage with foreigners, you are welcomed to a new country. Perhaps, your spouse will be eager to show you the local places. Therefore, you are going to travel more and discover new attractions. Sometimes a person can live in their own country for a large part of the life and doesn’t see all its beauties. The situation changes after moving, as the individual is interested in every, even slightest detail about a new country of residence.  

What to Mind in International Marriage?

If you still have some hesitations or suffer from uncertainties on “Is it always a happiness to be married to a foreigner?”, then mind a few great tips that will help you feel more confident and breathe with relief:

  • You should be familiar with local laws. It’s important to completely understand your rights and obligations in a foreign country. Otherwise, you risk getting in trouble and regretting this or that thing. A marriage contract, custody of joint children, property issues should be discussed and implemented legally at once.
  • Live together before getting married. It will allow you to learn about a future spouse better and check potential difficulties in another country. Don’t jump to conclusions, and always directly discuss things that worry you, or make you feel upset.
  • Plan a new life. If you have work, and at least a few comrades, you will surely feel more confident at an unknown place. Take advantage of the opportunities that social networks provide people with, and try to get ready for life in a new place beforehand.


Is it always happiness to be married to a foreigner? Yes, it is. The only thing that you should do properly, is to pick up a compatible partner. For instance, at a good dating website, you can set the searching filters in accordance with your preferences. It means your chances to bump into your soulmate are incredibly high. With the right person beside you, there is no need to worry about some trifles. Instead of exhausting yourself with hesitations, you’d better start a new page of your life and enjoy every single day with a loved one. Time to be happy is right now!

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