Why Do Guys Give up on Relationships

12 Top Reasons on Why Do Guys Give up on Relationships

People meet and break every day so it is not surprising to find out that some of your friends have decided to end the relationship. It has been happening before, it happens now and it will keep happening in the future. Still, if you want to know why do guys give up on relationships to make things work different, then this article is for you. 

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1. Age

When a woman gives up on a relationship, the reasons may be different but in most cases, it is not a question of age for sure. The things are opposite if we are talking about men. Most guys are not ready to settle down at young age. They prefer dating different girls on dating sites, spending time with friends, meeting women for one-night stands, and doing other things that they can enjoy while being immature. Even if young males start dating, soon they are getting tired of relationship. This is when one partner is ready to get married and start a family while another one chooses parties, pubs, and communication without any obligations. 

2. High Standards

Perhaps most relationships begin with sweet surprises, warm hugs, and pleasant words. However, often it doesn’t last for a long time. Most women even with best characer start to demonstrate high standards. Things that they do not care about at the very beginning, mean a lot now. Some dating experts agree on women try to transform men into their own projects. They start to say how a man should dress, what friends to have, how much money to earn, how to look, etc. Soon, guys feel discomfort, and even do not want to come back home. They are sure that the partner is completely dissatisfied. Step by step, the distance between people increases. Men opting out of relationships often as they need to feel love, care, and happiness beside the woman. A constant feeling of own imperfection is not the best option for building a nice relationship and a strong family. 

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3. Childhood Trauma

Giving up on relationships is a common scenario for guys who didn’t have a good connection with their own mothers. If being a little kid, the male was betrayed by his parent, he got a definite image of a female in general.  Such a man can’t build strong relationships with a woman when he is an adult. Most guys with childhood trauma suffer from difficulties in trust. They are sure that the woman will leave, or will not accept available weak qualities. Simply put, early experience has an impressive impact on who we are. 


4. Previous Failures

There are so many men who start to wonder “Is wife cheating” and often get a positive response. Break up and divorce are other traumatic events that may make guys think about giving up on dating and relationships. It goes without saying that separation is sometimes equal to the death of a beloved. Some men who had experienced a bad divorce, may confidentially say “I give up on relationships” and focus on other things like kids, careers, trips, personal development, etc. It isn’t surprising at all. They already know this awful state and simply do not want to take risks anymore. The same works for cheating. Males are not ready to trust women again. They prefer to stay alone or have short-term commitments. Previous pain doesn’t let them move forward. 

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5. Misunderstanding 

All people are different as well as their tastes and preferences. It is challenging to build relationship if people do not realize it and do not try to understand each other. Guys do not want to put up with constant misunderstandings, fights, and quarrels. They want to enjoy communication and feel positive vibes instead of constant tension and disappointment. That’s why guys give up on relationships and take a lot of time before getting into dating again. 

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6. Absence of Support

Perhaps many women consider men to be brave and strong despite the situation. But the truth is that guys also want to come back home, and feel support. If the man doesn’t want to share things and discuss them, he just doesn’t feel he is important. Most men giving up on relationships exactly due to this reason. They want to feel the positive energy from their partner to achieve more. Experts admit that woman’s vibes are crucial for men. When they see support and readiness to listen, they get an incredible dose of inspiration. Otherwise, guys decide to end the relationship and move forward.  

7. Focus on Other Goals

Many men decide to focus all their attention and efforts on building careers, purchasing apartments, cars, and gaining a perfect reputation. They simply do not have enough time to date women and start serious relationships. Such men are too busy and postpone dating until they achieve all their goals. Women who try to initiate serious communication often fail as guys follow their stated plan and are not ready to change their own goals. 

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8. A Lack of Femininity

At the present time, it is really difficult to find a woman who has enough femininity. Most girls are used to doing everything on their own. It means they will hardly ask for a piece of advice or will discuss some serious issues with the partner. But men want the opposite. They seek women with traditional feminine values. They want to feel care, and have a reliable person beside them. With so strong girls’ focus on success, career, and other achievements, we can see many men giving up on relationships. A report from PewResearch also states that 75% of people find dating difficult. Most of them are simply dissatisfied with their dating life. 

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9. Some Women Want Only Financial Support

Not all women are seeking true love and dream about strong and reliable relationships. Some of them want to meet a man who will support them financially. They are not interested in all that stuff like support and care. Instead, such women are ready to love and be with a man only if he has money. This is what prevents some guys from dating. Previous experience, friends’ stories, and fears become only a  source of income – all this makes men say “I give up on dating and relationships forever”.

10. High Stress

When a man gives up on a relationship, it often means that he is stressed. Constant worries, responsibility, mistakes, and failures in other aspects of life, do not let him relax and focus on dating. You can ask experts “Why do guys give up on relationships”, and most of them will agree that males just do not have a desire to keep love and dating because of high stress. They need to feel calm and confident with other fields of life settled down. Otherwise, guys prefer to break and return when they have enough time for dating. 

11. Dating is Difficult and Expensive

Dating is quite an expensive niche at present. According to 247wallst.com, the average cost of a date in New Jersey is $300 and this amount may vary depending on the chosen dating idea and place. Not all men are ready to spend money on trying to surprise the woman or just going out too often. Along with that, they find dating really difficult. Instead, guys prefer to lie on the sofa after a hard working day and rest. They do not want to talk, resolve different issues, or try to improve the relationship. This is when males prefer hookups and sex with no responsibilities. They seek partners with the same point of view in order to avoid responsibility and lost opportunities. All in all, dating is challenging and requires a lot of investments and not all guys are ready to do these investments. 

12. Women Prefer Bad Boys

Probably most women will not agree on the fact that they prefer dating bed boys but actually, some of them really like it. They start to feel bored when the guy definitely knows what he wants, invites her to different places, shows interest, and makes her feel important. Some girls seek conflicts and drama. They are not ready for calm and serious relationships. It means that shy boys, who are accustomed to respecting women, often do not have any chance to build relationships with girls like that. Many women prefer bad boys and being involved in abusive relationships even if they do not realize it. 

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He Gave up on Relationships: What to Do?

If you are a woman and want to know why do guys give up on relationships, then you should clearly understand that the above-mentioned reasons are not all reasons that keep men staying away from you.  In a case a woman really likes the guy and wants to start a relationship with him, it makes sense to talk and clarify all possible difficulties. If it is a question of childhood trauma, absence of free time, worries about lack of money to visit expensive restaurants, and so on, then you both may work out some plan and start moving forward together. 

If you are a man who would like to find out why do guys give up on relationships so easily and compare the reasons with your own example, then mind, a lot depends on a woman. If you choose the right lady who is ready to be your partner, lover, and friend, then you are more likely to build an excellent relationship. If you still are not happy to meet your perfect match, then you can try joining a reliable dating website with plenty of beautiful girls. You can easily find a few spare minutes a day to communicate online even if you are often too busy to go dating. 

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Final Remarks 

Unfortunately, there are so many reasons why do guys give up on relationships, and most of them have deep roots. In this case, a man needs to work at things that prevent him from dating and relationship. There is no doubt that with the right woman, chances to be happy in a healthy marriage are higher than in toxic relationship that makes you feel desperate. After all, there is nothing better than having a reliable person by your side, who is ready to listen, support, and love you no matter what is going on. Sincere conversations, consultations with specialists, and a strong desire to change things may let you enjoy the company of your partner, and forget about previous failures, traumas, and other staff like that. Every person deserves to be happy, and there is no better time than now to do it at last. 

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