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How to Communicate with a Foreigner via Text

When you decide to end up with loneliness and find your soulmate, at last, the best way to achieve your aim is to get acquainted with a suitable person online on a dating website. You probably have noticed that a large part of communication between people takes place on the Internet at present. That’s why you should know how to communicate with a foreigner via text. Once you are successful with incorporating definite tips in your interaction, you are bringing closer your real meeting.

Tips for Chatting with a Foreigner

Let’s imagine that you have found a person who seems to be a perfect match for you. This is when the hardest part begins. You should arrange your communication via text properly so that you learn the interlocutor better as well as reveal your own personality. Consider a few efficient tips on how to communicate with a foreigner via text.

Make up a list of questions

Even the best experts can’t predict what your conversation with a foreigner will be like. Hence, you should think about what you already know about your interlocutor, and imagine what you are going to talk about. What questions would you like to ask? On this basis, you are recommended to prepare a list of phrases that you will remember with ease, and be able to use at any time. Consider not only ready-made constructions but also those which you can quickly change and adapt to a particular situation.

Use online translator

Such assistants are very popular today. They are constantly improving, allowing people to understand each other without good knowledge of a particular language. You may open the translator in another window or take benefit from in-built assistants. It means you even do not need to copy and paste necessary phrases but enjoy automatically translated sentences. Such translators are a great way to set the connection, but using them constantly is not the best idea for sure.  

Find out more about the culture

You may face more difficulties not only because you speak the language not very well, but because you are not familiar with the peculiarities and traditions of the country where the interlocutor lives. It is a good idea to read articles about history, sports, fests, events, etc. Do not miss an opportunity to follow some famous person or blogger to learn the recent news and updates in the context of a foreign country.  As a result, you will know how to react to certain things and what phrases are better to avoid.

Be loyal and responsive

It is quite possible that another person is worrying the same as you are. Do your best to demonstrate support and avoid pointing to wrong phrases. You can do it later, when there will be a suitable moment. Remember, that the interlocutor’s confidence may be only our illusion.  Support means a lot for every person.

Ask again and clarify

Pretending that you understand is a bigger mistake than asking to clarify the idea that you didn’t catch. Do not be shy and ask the question again. This way, the interlocutor will see that you are listening attentively and are really interested in the communication. Once you keep silent, it will be even more difficult to stop misunderstanding.

Demonstrate interest

This is a crucial point to mind as every person likes when the interlocutor listens attentively and reacts in return. It is even more important in some cases than knowing the language perfectly. Avoid interrupting the interlocutor, and let him/her fully express the idea. Help with building questions when it is necessary.

Get rid of stereotypes

Forget about stereotypes when you start communicating with a foreigner. It is not necessary to talk about weather, bikes, and tea with English people, about beer and sausages with Germans, and about technical progress and oriental cherry with Japanese people. Every person despite his/her ethnicity has own interests and preferences that you should consider when planning your communication.

Learn the language

Attentiveness, care, determination, and courage are really working altogether. However, it won’t be enough to reach the purpose without studying a foreign language. Even if you speak quite well, it is necessary to develop your skills regularly. Hence, it is reasonable to plan to attend online or offline courses.


Despite how much you like each other, you need some time to arrange the communication via text properly due to differences in culture and traditions. The above-mentioned tips will help you get accustomed to chatting with a foreigner, feel comfortable and reveal your individuality without any worries. Successful communication via text is a great basis for getting to know each other better and switching to speaking via video calls or even arranging a face-to-face meeting.

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