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Marriage with a Foreigner: Difficulties of Living Abroad

Once you are lucky to meet your soulmate and plan to get married, you should think twice and get ready, especially when it comes to moving abroad. International marriage is not something new and lots of successful stories that you might have heard from your friends or read on the Internet, are proving that it is happiness to be married to a foreigner. Still, there are some associated difficulties of living abroad after marriage. It doesn’t matter whether the woman is going to move or a man decides to change the country. In both cases, partners should be aware of potential challenges and the ways of overcoming them.

Marriage Challenges After Moving Abroad

When man and woman from different countries fall in love with each other, they see no obstacles preventing them from writing own fairy – tale with “happily ever after”. They enjoy their feelings, passion and pleasant moments. However, after deciding to get married and living together in one country, the hardest part begins. Instead of giving up the idea of marrying a foreigner and spending the rest of your life with your soulmate because of associated difficulties, you’d better learn them and see how you can cope with suchlike situations.

Challenge 1: Language

Language is a common problem that the person faces after moving to another country. While you can speak English quite well, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to speak it every day and everywhere. It is especially true for local organizations, stores, and other establishments that are in the non-tourist city.

You can start attending courses before moving to another country. Even if it is not enough time to master the language totally, at least you will have some basic knowledge to start education abroad. Ask your partner to explain the most common peculiarities of the language so that you understand it better.

Challenge 2: Culture and traditions

Another aspect that you may have difficulties with is traditions and culture in general. Living abroad means that you should properly understand all customs and traditions of a foreigner so as not to make some awful mistakes. For instance, Muslims use only their right hand while eating. Knowing Muslim wife requirements are also important.

Day by day, you will learn and understand local traditions better. However, right now, you can watch films, read books, search the Net and discuss all information that you have found out with your partner. Some families do not keep all national traditions, so it is better to learn whether your spouse supports definite ideas.

Challenge 3: Friends

After moving to another country, a person has to start life from a scratch. Friends and same-minded people are exactly those who can help you quickly get accustomed to a new place. With no comrades to talk to besides your spouse, you are probably going to experience depression and feel like a foreigner all the time.

Ask your partner to acquaint you with his/her friends. It is the easiest way out in this case. Or you can join local forums and blogs to meet the same-minded people. Sometimes, foreigners even have their own communities that you can look for and become a member as well.

Challenge 4: Work

For most people, it is one of the main difficulties of living abroad. Who on Earth wants to live in the country with no opportunity to earn money. It is especially true for men, who decide to move to the woman’s Motherland.

Think about a potential workplace beforehand. There are lots of online platforms that are offering international vacancies for a foreigner in various specializations. You can agree on the interview after moving or having it online.

Challenge 5: Hobbies

If you have been going in for sport or attended dance classes before moving abroad, probably you will be eager to keep doing it. Having hobbies is significant as it will distract you from the first-time discomfort in a new country.

You can ask your partner to help you with the class that you are interested in. Or, you may search for a suitable place on your own. Luckily, most organizations have an active profile on social networks, so you will easily find out all details.


Let’s face the truth, marriage is not the easiest thing in the world. Yes, first woman is wondering how to interest a foreign man, but then everything changes. The next period is full of both good and bad times, and the international union is associated even with more difficulties. However, you can see that every challenge has its own solution or even a few ones. Together with your partner, hand in hand, you will surely cope with all problems and will be happy despite any circumstances. Once you meet your soulmate online on an international dating website, or offline in a local café, and decide to get married, you should be ready to face numerous difficulties. But the only thing is clear for sure, the darkest hour is before dawn. Keep positive and enjoy your “happily ever after”. 

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