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Features of Overseas Suitors You Should Know

More and more women consider relationships with a resident of another country these days. They dream of meeting a foreigner for marriage not because they want to improve their level of life, not because they are het up about new opportunities, or are willing to study a foreign culture. The main reason is absolutely another attitude of foreigners towards women. Let’s find out what features overseas suitors have, which make them so desirable for ladies of other nationalities.

Of course, each man has his own individuality, and you shouldn’t lump everybody under a general umbrella. However, girls have some associations with the guys of a particular nationality. Here is a list of the most popular foreigners who can easily melt the heart of any woman.

italian man


It is impossible to argue with the statement that there are many Italians among the most good-looking men in the world. They have a very good sense of style. These handsome guys in nice outfits have the charm and wit to disarm any woman. They are some of the best lovers, remember at least Casanova. Italians are famous for their love of beautiful romantic gestures. Perhaps no woman will refuse to have a romantic dinner with a good-looking guy who knows all peculiarities of females’ psychology. According to Statista research, Italians are the oldest grooms in the world as they prefer getting married at 35 years or later, and they talk directly about this while dating a woman.



Americans appreciate freedom above all. They will never check your social networking account or a mobile phone. Men from the USA prefer to trust because being friends is as important as being lovers. Americans evaluate money, but they are not mean.  Therefore, women often get nice presents and pleasant surprises. Americans are looking for equal partners rather than a woman who will take care of them like the kids. That’s why they do not mind sharing all obligations with the wife, walking with children, or making common decisions with a spouse.



Frenchmen have a less stereotyped way of thinking and behavior. They are polite and very attentive to their appearance. However, they require a similar attitude towards themselves. The French guys are extremely well-mannered; they are real gentlemen.  Men from France always open doors for a woman, let her go ahead, carry bags and suitcases. They do not put any restrictions on the partner, so you can feel free to go out with friends or even plan a journey. The French are not only physically good-looking; they are very careful about their appearance. They like going in for sport. However, you will hardly meet a man with big muscles, as most French guys are slender and thin.



Men from Australia are generally tanned, blonde, and very athletic. You will spend the weekend watching them play a variety of sports from their favorite cricket or rowing to surfing. It is common to spend free time here for active activities in the fresh air under the gentle Australian sun. Thanks to such leisure, local guys can boast fit and slender bodies. Guys from Australia express emotions modestly, and strive for stability in everything. For all their love of luxury, Austrians do not advertise their wealth; millionaires dress like ordinary people. Most women choose Australians because they can control themselves and carry out plans,  and are hard-working.



Japanese guys care about their looks and fashion. Here you will find men following the latest trends. It is also extremely popular among the Japanese to lead a healthy lifestyle and adhere to proper nutrition, so you are unlikely to come across the owner of a flabby body. Rich spiritual development and excellent manners will be a pleasant bonus to their appearance. These men know how to attract women at the first minute, and support the idea of international marriage.

How to Choose the Best Suitor?

You can study the main treats and principles of the guys of different nationalities. If you have some preferences and want to meet, for example, exactly a French man due to some reasons, the best way to realize your dream is to sort the potential candidates by the country filter. You can visit a good dating website, and try your luck there. Foreigners have a busy lifestyle and prefer getting acquainted online these days, so your chances of meeting that very person are really high.

Final Remarks

There are so many interesting, well-educated and attentive guys in every country. You can easily start relationships with any of them. Just try to not focus on well-known facts that are associated with definite nationality, and do your best to reveal the personality of a definite man on your own.

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