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Top 7 Romantic Ideas for Marriage Proposal

Today you will not impress anybody when you say that you are going to marry a foreigner soon. People can meet a soulmate on dating websites, during trips, and fall in love easily. After weighing all pros and cons of marriage with foreigners, most of them decide to start a family. If you are lucky to meet the woman of your dream, then learn how to make a marriage proposal and be happy ever after.

How Can I Propose to My Girlfriend?      

There are a few marriage proposal ideas, that come to your mind, as soon as you think about starting the family. Why are marriage proposals done on one knee? This is what most men are wondering about. This tradition comes from medieval times and means that the man is going to love, respect, and be loyal to his lady. If you want to be original, then watch surprise marriage proposals videos, and discover a few nice ideas to make this moment truly unforgettable.

1.      Cinema

The montage of videos is very popular these days. Luckily, you do not need to have some special skills to create a stunning clip. What about recalling the best moments of your relationship and making a milestone movie? Also, you can record yourself in the park or any other place that means a lot about for both of you. When the movie is ready, you can show it at home or at the local cinema. The latter will surely be more surprising. Just imagine your girlfriend’s face when she sees the clip on a big screen and lots of other people become witnesses of such a great moment.

2.      Hike

You can pick up this idea if you both are active. Plan hiking on some picturesque location and prepare the ring. How to make marriage proposal? Reach the highest point and make sure that your girl has a good mood. Why do marriage proposals fail? Exactly because the ladies feel tired or sad. That’s why you shouldn’t plan a very difficult path and offer your help every time you see that the girl needs some help. With proper preparation, your marriage proposal will be fantastic.

3.      Photoshoot

When you plan such an important event like a marriage proposal, you probably want to remember every minute of this day. Of course, you can take pictures on your iPhone, but what about arranging a professional photoshoot. It will give you a chance to focus on the most important things and breathe with relief. Moreover, your girlfriend will not suspend anything for sure. The photographer will take pictures and suddenly you show a ring. Mind discussing all details with the shooter so that he/she will not miss the most important moment and record the girl’s reaction and emotions.

4.      Flash mob

Perhaps you have seen a flash mob before, so you have an idea of what it is. Such a show will surely impress your girl and set a great atmosphere for a positive answer. The theme can be different, and you can ask your friends to help you.  Singers, dancers, athletes, and other group performers will surprise your woman. Think about the concept of flash mob and plan it thoroughly. You will get the best results only if you arrange the show well, as every participant must know own role and act properly.

5.      Game

How long should marriage proposals be? It can take a single minute. For example, you are playing a trivia game. When it’s your turn, you just ask: “Would you marry me?”. There is no doubt that every person who is involved in the game, will never forget this moment.                 

6.      Audio

You can record a podcast episode or a song to tell about your feelings and ask so desired question “Would you marry me?”.  Next, add it to the Apple podcast, Spotify, or any other service that can help you introduce your track. In the long run, you can say that you have found an amazing song. Or, let your friends turn it on by accident and appear suddenly with a ring.

7.      Beach

If you are a big fan of the ocean as well as your partner, then the beach seems to be a perfect location for a marriage proposal. It may be a nice picnic at the sunset, or active surfing during the daytime. Whatever you choose, make sure that your partner does not suspect anything.

Marriage Proposal Do’s and Don’ts

Despite whether you know the answer on what’s the most romantic way to propose, there are definite rules you should adhere to. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the moment. What should you not do when proposing?


  • Try to make it totally perfect
  • Propose in front of a large audience unless you are sure about a positive answer
  • Neglect your look and dress well


  • Keep to the idea, not to a script
  • Have an extra plan if something goes wrong
  • Make it meaningful

Marraige Proposal: Final Thoughts

Now you know a few great creative ideas for marriage proposals. You can use them to inspire and work out your own original scenario of an unforgettable proposal. A good plan will help you feel more confident when you ask the girl to spend the rest of her life together. There is no good or bad idea, as everything depends on your preferences and expectations. Still, mind marriage proposal do’s and don’ts to arrange everything properly. If your girlfriend says “Yes”, you may learn more about the legalization of marriage with foreigner and start a happy family.

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