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He Wants to Marry You: How to Understand

After dating for a long time, it becomes difficult to move to the next level as things are settled down already. However, most women dream about a marriage proposal from a beloved. How long should you wait for a man to marry you? It all depends. But there are certain signs he wants to marry you. Discover them to understand whether your partner thinks about starting the family with you.

Discover 10 Signs a Man Want to Marry You

Building a family is a very important step, and not everyone is actually a family-oriented person. If you can’t understand whether the man plans his future with you, then have a look at these signs.

1.      He invites you everywhere

If the guy invites you to all family and other important events, you can breathe with relief. It means that he sees you in a big picture of your life and you play a significant role in it. The man doesn’t mind and even wants to introduce you to all your relatives and friends. If he doesn’t do this, then he doesn’t take things seriously.

2.      He is punctual

When a man always comes on time, he cares about you. He doesn’t want to make you wait and always notifies you in case he is late for some reason. It’s evident, such an approach says that the guy is really into you and wants you to smile only.

3.      He makes future plans

Guys never discuss things that they do not actually care about. When the man makes plans and shares them, it indicates that he wants to know your opinion about a particular issue. Moreover, your opinion means a lot to him.

4.      He wants to live together

When the guy wants to share his space with you sincerely not to save some money, then you can be sure that he is thinking about the future with you. It works the same if he offers to open one bank account, or agrees to get a pet to care about together. This is one of the main signs a man wants to marry you.

5.      He misses you

It is not about writing messages with common words like “I miss you”. It is about making plans and realizing them. If the man decides to see you, nothing can get in the way and prevent him from doing it. Hence, it is a great sign if he always keeps his promises. If instead, the man often calls you to break the plans, then you should realize that you are not in the first place for him.

6.      He shares everything

If the man is ready to tell everything to you, both positive and negative, it means that he trusts you. Generally, guys open up to the woman they care about. Hence, he appreciates your opinion and doesn’t hide his real feeling and thoughts. Such a level of closeness surely leads to the marriage.

7.      He doesn’t go away during difficult times

Life is so changeable, and every day can happen something that you do not expect. If the guy stays by your side and doesn’t escape during the hard times, then this is a good sign.  It means that he is ready to share all problems, work on the relationship and schedule a wedding day.

8.      He can’t get enough of you

Simply put, the man wants to stay all days and nights with you if you do not live together. Also, he encourages you to have vacations and invites you to all parties.  He wants you to be beside him all the time. If you are out, he misses and looks forward to meeting you.

9.      He always touches you

When a man considers you to be only his woman, he keeps touching you always. It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking or working. He wants to demonstrate to everybody that you are his beloved even if you are visiting some public place. It works the same for saying compliments and admiring your talents whenever it is possible.

10.  He talks about marriage

How do you know if a man wants to marry you? He simply talks about this all the time. Even if this sounds like a joke, he feels enough comfortable to mention things like this. The man tells what wedding he wants and who he would like to invite. Also, he will ask your opinion and be wondering about your wishes.

How Do You Know if He Will Never Marry You?

You can easily understand if the man is not going to build a family with you. The first sign is that he thinks that marriage is nonsense in general. If he doesn’t mind marrying, it doesn’t mean that he is ready to marry exactly you. Be attentive and analyze his behavior. If you think about marriage with a foreigner, then consider talking with your partner. His reaction will explain everything. After all, it is better to discuss everything at once rather than waste time conjecturing your partner’s plans. How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you? Most guys know it from the very beginning of your communication. But it will take some time to realize it and act accordingly.

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