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Legalization of Marriage with Foreigner

International marriages are on the rise worldwide nowadays. Men and women despite the distance and differences in religion and culture follow their hearts. They are ready to start a new chapter of their life. When two people love each other and do not want to spend even a single day without a sweetheart, they decide to start the family. This is when it is important to learn more about the legalization of marriage with a foreigner.

Main Points about Marriage Legalization

Marriage is considered to be officially registered marital relations established by law. The legalization of relations with a foreigner may cause some difficulties associated with language barriers and significant differences in the current legislation of the countries. To use your rights in both countries, you need to understand all the formalities of international marriage.

First of all, mind that most countries do not accept civil partnership and religious marriage. Hence, you should decide where to marry. There are three options to choose from:

  • The native country of the woman
  • Man’s place of residence
  • Some third country.

There are places where you can get married in a day. Such an option will surely appeal to people who do not want to wait for a long time and are eager to speed up the process.

Necessary Documents – Marriage with Foreigner

Preparing documents is the most important part of a wedding preparation. You need to double check everything not to face some obstacles. A whole and more clear list of necessary documents, you can find out at the place where you decide to marry. Still, the common requirements include:


It confirms the identity and age of the applicant. The document must contain a mark confirming the legality of the presence of a citizen of another country (visa, etc.) at the time of application and on the date of marriage registration.

Certificate of marital status

 It is issued by the authorized body of the foreigner’s home state. To accept a document by the Civil Registry Office, you need to legalize it or issue an apostille certificate.

All documents to be submitted to the Civil Registry Office must be accompanied by a translation, the accuracy of which is certified by the diplomatic missions (consulates) of both states, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Associated difficulties

It is quite possible to match with a foreigner in a girl’s country, and numerous documents are not required from the bride. But for the groom, the list is long and depends on the country of residence. If you have a desire to wed a foreigner, you need to collect documents from both sides and submit them to the registry office in full accordance with the legislation of the country in which the marriage will take place.

Most often, there are such problems with the documents:

  • The translation of the passport does not match with the visa data;
  • Problems with the period of stay in the territory of the state;
  • The certificate of marital status is not compatible with the standards of the country where the couple plan the wedding.


All in all, marrying a foreigner is always an exciting event that the couple will remember for their whole life. However, besides preparing the bride’s dress and other stuff for the ceremony, you need to learn all the peculiarities on the legalization of marriage with foreigners in the country where you are going to get married. Check all necessary documents a few times, and apply for a professional consultation if you have some doubts. Do not let anything spoil an important day in the life of every person, and put obstacles for your happiness after the ceremony.  

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