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Would You Marry a Foreigner or Not?

Marriage with a foreigner has always been one of the most discussed issues in society. Some women and men are eager to meet a soulmate and do not care what distance they will have to pass. Others worry about risks and problems that are associated with international marriage. If you have not decided what side to accept, then go on reading and find out the answer to such a significant question: “Would you marry a foreigner?”.

To Marry or Not to Marry – That is the Question 

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things that a person experiences during lifetime. However, sometimes even love can be clouded by daily problems, especially if it is necessary to start everything from a scratch. This happens when your spouse is a foreigner and you start a family in a foreign country. Marriage with a foreign has different sides of the same coin, and only you decide which one to choose. 

Common problems 

Immediately after marrying a foreigner, your life changes dramatically. Admiration for a new country and euphoria will not save you from longing for family, friends, jokes, or, in the end, for your native streets. Another problem is the language barrier.  It would be very difficult to communicate with local people, including your spouse if you do not know all the typical nuances of the language.  Finally, you are leaving your stable lifestyle and take a leap in the dark. There are no guarantees that your spouse is the person who he/she pretended to be. Anyway, marrying a foreigner is only your decision and you are going to take responsibility for it. If you decide to follow your heart, then you can enjoy numerous positive things. 

Associated pleasures

The first thing that you should remember is that by marrying, you get the closest person beside you who is always ready to support you. When two love each other, there are no barriers for them. People can easily cope with any difficult situation like misunderstanding due to weak command of language or learning all traditions and peculiarities of the culture. After marriage, you receive a great chance to travel more, make new friends, improve your financial opportunity, and enjoy every moment with your sweetheart. Also, the international couple may give birth to a bilingual and very smart kid. Finally, spouses will probably always feel passionate, as they have so many things to discover about each other in every sense (cultural, religious, etc.)

Questions to Discuss

If you want to minimize the risks of unsuccessful marriage with a foreigner, then consider a list of questions to discuss with a partner before getting married:

  • How do you see your family: with or without children?
  • What languages will your child learn, what language will you speak with your child at home, what language to buy children’s books in?
  • Will it be possible to baptize your children?
  • What food is prohibited at your future home? 
  • Is it okay to take children out of the country without a spouse?
  • What religion will your children profess? What is the idea of the relatives?
  • Is a partner ready to start learning your language, which would help understand each other better, as well as another culture and traditions?

Last-minute Tips

If you are still full of hesitations because of all the above-mentioned common problems, then mind a few great tips:

  1. Plan your work or study. If you have an opportunity to arrange these processes in a remote format, then you will be busy enough, even after moving to another country. 
  2. Have a plan B. Situations are different, so it is recommended to remember a few phones of family members or friends and always have money for a ticket back. Find contacts of human rights organizations and consult in your country.
  3. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer. Feel free to ask your potential spouse if he/she has financial problems or loans. Find out how the person earns money.It would be also great to discover nuances about legalization of marriage with foreigner.
  4. Investigate the local area. Once you know your future home place, surf the Net to find out more about it. Knowing local attractions will let you feel more comfortable. You will be able to plan your pastime and will not feel bored in an unknown place. 

5. Meet the partner’s family. There are many stories when a person actually marries a large family instead of the only individual. Find out what relationships your sweetheart has with the family to understand whether they would interfere with your new union. This way, you will also better understand what model of family the partner has.

Summing – up

Marriage is a responsible step in the life of every person regardless of whether it is an international union or not. It is highly recommended to listen to your heart, as well as weigh all pros and cons. Emotions and feelings are very important, but life after marriage differs a lot from casual chatting on a dating website. You should mind it not to be disappointed in the long run. 

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