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Fiancée Visa for the USA: Step-by-Step Guide

When two people love each other very much, every minute that they spend separately seems to be a real disaster for both. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to marry a girl from Ukraine who you met on a dating site. Or, you got acquainted during a business trip, perhaps the only wish you have – your beloved is beside you. Luckily, there is one way out that you can use to invite your bride to the USA and make your stay legal. As a result, you can calmly get ready for the upcoming wedding ceremony and not worry about the legalization of marriage with foreigner. So find out more about fiancée visa.

What is K-1 Visa?

A fiancée visa or K-1 is a non-migration visa that lets the woman stay in the USA for marrying a U.S. resident.  Despite being non-migration, K-1 has similar migration visa requirements. Getting a fiancée visa is an important step in the overall process of migration to the USA via marriage with a foreigner. That’s why it is crucial to meet all requirements strictly. Lots of ladies get refused and arguing with them is very difficult. So let’s look at existing requirements closer.

K-1 Requirements

Before applying for a K-1 visa in the USA, study requirements that may either help you reach your goal, or fail. Then discuss them with your lady. Finally, start the procedure without any risks of getting refused.

1.   Relationships should be real

In other words, you should not use fictitious marriage to help the girl move to another country. The U.S. government checks this very carefully. The officers consider photos, mailing, hotel reservations, and other facts that may prove you really love each other.  

2.   Aim to marry within 90 days

Fiancée Visa requires the conclusion of marriage within 90 days after the woman arrives at the territory of the USA. Otherwise, the lady has no legal right to stay in the USA and will have to leave its territory at once.

3.   Financial adequacy

The woman who plans to get a K-1 visa to the USA must confirm having enough money for living in the country. In other words, she is expected to have an income that is above the poverty line.

4.   Having all necessary documents

Before applying for a K-1 visa, you should ensure that your lady has the following documents:

·         Filled DS-160 form and confirmation of its online applying;

·         A passport that is valid at the moment the woman goes to the USA and 6 months after planned departure;

·         Birth certificate;

·         Absence of criminal record;

·         Divorce decrees or annulment records;

·         Medical certificate confirming the passage of a medical examination;

·         Documents confirming the financial condition of the applicant (for example, bank statements);

·         Two photos 2×2;

·         Evidence of a relationship with a US citizen.

5.   Fee payment

 To apply for a K-1 visa, the applicant must pay a government fee. Today its amount is $265.

The Procedure of Getting K-1 Visa

The procedure of getting a K-1 Visa begins with filing the petition to the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). It is very important to complete the petition correctly and file it only on the territory of the USA. For this, you need the I-129F form, but mind instructions first.   

Next, you should be ready to wait, as petition approval may take some time that depends on the information that you shared and the correctness of the I-129F form. Afterward, employees send to the National Visa Center, and Embassy where the woman gets a K-1 visa.

After the petition is accepted at the Embassy, the applicant will get the instruction on the upcoming interview. Usually, it takes about a month. The person should apply for the DS-160 form via email before the interview.  On the stated day, the interview takes place. There is no need to worry about the result if the relationships are real. In case everything is good, and a K-1 visa is accepted, you will get it in some time.

What is K-1 Visa Processing Time?

Fiancée Visa is valid for 90 days after the woman arrives in the USA. It means, the couple must get married within this period, or the lady will have to leave the country. Some people mistakenly think that it is possible to extend a 90-days term, but it is not true.


K-1 Visa is a convenient tool of the migration process for ladies who are going to marry U.S. residents. It allows you to invite a bride to your country and stay there officially for 90 days. You will need to take a few steps to help the lady get a Fiancée Visa. Mind all the above-mentioned recommendations and requirements to reach your goal.

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