A Complete Guide to the Same Day Marriage

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. While some lovers are planning the wedding for a few months or even a year, others prefer to avoid all that official stuff. They do not like the idea of gathering the company of numerous relatives at a festive dinner. That is to say, get down to business at once. Have you met your love on the international website and do not want to waste even a minute? Find out a solution – the same day marriage.

Top Places for the Same Day Marriage

First of all, you should understand that every country has its own rules for marriage. Hence, you need to decide where you are going to get married and then find out all the peculiarities. For example, in the UK, you need to give 29 days’ notice, in Ireland this period lasts 3 months, in Australia, you will have to wait for a big day for a month. A couple may want to avoid waiting for so much time due to different reasons, that’s why it is necessary to consider available options.

The Bahamas

This country occupies a leading place in the list of the countries with the highest annual rates of marriage according to Statista research. It is not surprising as you can get married easily here on the same day. Local wedding services are ready to arrange the wedding of your dream as soon as possible.

New York

New York is another suitable place with no residency requirement to get married in a day. The waiting period is 24 hours and the locations are so diverse. The only things that you should mind about are a valid ID and a $35 fee. You can find out other details at the Office of the New York City Clerk’s website.


With no requirements or waiting periods, Hawaii is considered to be a perfect place to get married in a day. Beautiful landscapes and romantic views attract lovers who do not want to wait for months. You can find out all the important details on the official website, but pay attention to such top requirements as a $65 fee and a valid ID.


People must live in Spain at least for two years before they are allowed to get married. That’s why so many couples cross the border to Gibraltar to avoid all those related complications. Here you will not come across the same residency requirement and can reach the registry office only 24 hours before the ceremony. Among the required papers are only passports and birth certificates.


Even though the marriage registration procedure is getting more complicated these days, Denmark is still a good choice for people who want to speed up a big day. First of all, you can apply online, and go to Denmark two days earlier, as exactly this period is required to get married here. The basic marriage fee is €250. With so many experienced planners, you will easily have the wedding of your dream.

How to Marry the Same Day?

Usually, marriage registration has certain rules — you come to the registry office at the place of registration, apply for a civil marriage, you are assigned a day, time and you start preparing for the wedding. A quick decision to get married the same day can be a real adventure for two loving people. There is no doubt that only love and passion towards each other are guiding them.

Marriage in a day is the official registration of marriage without long expectations with the ability to choose any day for the wedding. You also choose the format yourself: it can be a simple laconic registration of marriage in a day or a solemn wedding ceremony at a luxurious location of your choice. Some future spouses generally want to register their marriage in an unusual place — for example, at the airport, on a yacht, or in the parental home.

So, you need to choose the place and prepare the required documents. In case of any doubts or difficulties, it is highly recommended to apply for professional assistance. Legal support of specialists guarantees you an expedited receipt of all the necessary documents and the avoidance of unpleasant surprises.  

The Final Thoughts

When two people love each other and do not want to wait for a month or so, then the same day marriage is the best option to consider. If you are sure that you meet that very special person, then consider the above-discussed places to make your dream come true. Eventually, you will be able to start a new page of your life without any expectations. 

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