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Marrying a Foreigner: Myths and Truth

Some people intentionally do everything possible to meet and marry a foreigner, while others come across a soulmate from another country by accident. Despite what case is true for you, it is important to know everything about myths and truths that are associated with marrying a foreigner.

Top 5 Myths and Truth about Marrying a Foreigner

In the modern world, marriage with a foreigner is not a rare thing. People have more opportunities to travel to another country and get acquainted with local citizens. Moreover, even purchasing a ticket is not a must as it is possible to meet a foreigner on the Internet.  We will not go into details of these two ways to meet the same-minded person, and rather focus on myths and truth that make most people hesitate whether marrying a foreigner is a good idea.

Myth 1: Living abroad is very difficult

There is no doubt that moving to another country and starting your life from scratch is quite challenging. There are many associated difficulties with living abroad. You will have to find a new workplace, learn the traditions of another country, start to understand another religion, find new friends, etc. The truth is that it is possible to cope with all difficulties, especially when you have a reliable partner beside you.  Here you can find effective solutions to all possible problems that are associated with living abroad.

Myth 2: You need to change religion

No one can make you change the religion if you do not want to. This is a common myth of a marriage with a Muslim. The partner may only ask you to respect new rules and traditions, but not put pressure on you. As for the kids, you can discuss it at the very beginning of your relationship to understand whether you have the same point of view on this question. 

Myth 3: You will not see your family

Luckily today visiting your native country is not a big challenge at all. Planes are the quickest option to hug the dearest ones. Even if you will not have the opportunity to do it each time you want, modern technologies will let you get in touch with your family members instantly. Always tell your partner how important it is for you to communicate with your relatives, and if your relationship is strong and serious, the partner will do everything possible to arrange things for realizing your dream.

Myth 4: You will always be a stranger

Of course, you need a few months or even a year to get accustomed to a new place and people, but it doesn’t mean that it will always be like this. Everything depends on how much you want to become a member of the local community. You should learn the traditions, jokes, ways of communication, and other peculiarities of a new country. Focusing on the idea that you are a stranger will lead you to failure for sure. It is better to concentrate on positive vibes, develop your relationship with a partner, and enjoy every new day. This way, you will not even notice how you will start saying in our country instead of in this country.

Myth 5: It is impossible to have a successful career

Most people start hesitating about marrying a foreigner when it comes to the question of a future career. Yes, in a new country, there is nobody to help you with getting a good job position, and you will have to demonstrate your great skills and expertise in a definite field to start working in a dream company. Still, if you are a good specialist, then no obstacles will arise on your way for sure. Moreover, it is a great chance to try something new, and even change the profession that you really like.

How to Cope with Your Fears?

Meeting the same-minded person is great luck in life. If you worry that the above myths will become true for you, then you should cope with your fears at once. You may sincerely talk with your partner and share all your fears. This way, you can clarify things that prevent you from being happy, and start a new life with your soulmate. Once you accept all your fears, you can get rid of them quickly.


No one knows for sure what a new day will bring, hence there is no sense in locking yourself in the house and refusing your dream to have a successful relationship with a foreigner. Life is full of surprises both nice and not very pleasant, but it is better to try something rather than hesitate and regret it for the rest of your life. If you are dreaming of finding a foreigner for marriage, then start acting right now. Visit a foreign country, or register on a dating website and achieve your purpose. Remember a famous quote, when you want something very much, the whole Universe will help make your wish come true.

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