A Marriage with a Muslim. Think it Over Properly First

The heart wants what it wants. At present, when it is possible to get acquainted with a person of another nationality and religion despite the distance thanks to modern technologies, two people with different cultures may easily fall in love. These two people are often Muslim men and Christian women.  

It is not surprising as Muslim men know how to woo a fair young maid. They say compliments, recite poems, and demonstrate their affection. While a woman is totally charmed with the man, she forgets about Muslim wife requirements and is ready to get married without any doubts. Still, it is highly recommended to think properly first. Sometimes the reality is not as most ladies imagine. After marriage and moving to another country, they will have to start all over again. Hence, it is important to know what a marriage with a Muslim is like.

Main Peculiarities of a Marriage with a Muslim

Perhaps you have already heard about all those myths and the truth of marrying a foreigner. The craziest stories are related to marriage with Muslims. There are even common facts that the whole world is aware of:

1.  Muslim’s wife must obey spouse and mother-in-law.

2.  The main duty and honorable right of a Muslim wife is to please her husband in everything and to do housework.

3.  The girl first needs to receive permission from her spouse to go to a friend’s house or get a job.

4.  The wife must obey the mother-in-law. Complaining to the husband is useless – he will always take the side of the mother.

5.  The woman has to put up with the presence of other wives.

6.  The wife must completely behave as the Koran says.

However, brides should not feel terrified when learning these facts. It doesn’t mean that they will live like that, because more and more Muslims are getting modern, and do not rely on the Koran completely. Most of them can eat pork, prefer having only one woman, and building strong relationships full of love and care. Hence, everything depends on a particular who you are going to unite your life with.  

Do you need to accept Islam?

The most frequent questions are about the rights of a woman that is going to marry a Muslim. Whether she is obliged to accept the faith of her husband or a Christian woman in a Muslim marriage has the right to leave the Christian faith. It is immediately worth explaining that no one should force the woman to change her faith, and a Muslim husband has no right to insist on it. However, mind that a woman has to raise children not in the Christian faith, but in the Muslim one. The Holy Book of the Koran prescribes to be tolerant towards other religions, and the Prophet Muhammad did not instruct Muslims to force their wives or representatives of other religions to change their faith.

Advantages of Marriage with a Muslim

Despite all associated challenges and not quite pleasant peculiarities of marriage with a Muslim, more and more women decide to start a family with Islamic guys. It is quite predictable if you remember about numerous advantages that a female is going to enjoy after the wedding. All in all, Muslims:

  • Do not drink alcohol, and they are not lazy. These two things are forbidden by Koran.
  • Take care of your wife and children. They must give the family everything for a good life (apartment, clothes, food, etc.)
  •  Can’t hit the wife just because of a bad mood.
  •  Pay mahram to the bride, meaning that the woman will have guaranteed insurance in case of failure of relationships not because of her fault.

Also, the woman is becoming a member of a large family with numerous relatives who are always ready to help in difficult situations and share pleasant moments.

Last-minute Tips

If you are ready to answer positively on the question “Would you marry a foreigner?”, then consider a few effective tips. It is recommended to get to know the groom’s family better, visit their house, observe how the future husband’s close relatives behave and what kind of relationship he has with them. Make sure to find out what his relatives think, how the family and especially the parents feel about their son getting married to a non-Muslim woman, what is their attitude to this marriage. By the way, intimacy is not allowed before the conclusion of a Nikah, otherwise, such cohabitation will be considered adultery according to Islam.


Muslim men attract Christian women with their decency, respect for the institution of the family, for parents, for the faith of Islam, as well as for their responsibility of providing wives with everything they need. There are happy Muslim families where a Christian wife changed her faith after she got married and began to attend the mosque, although she had the right not to do that, these steps were dictated by her great love. However, it is not a must and every couple usually decides this issue on its own. 

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