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Dominant Girlfriend – What is Dating a Woman in Control Like?

Some time ago, the phrase dominant girlfriend sounded really strange. Women didn’t have the right to vote or express their opinions. Men were considered leaders in the family, and their word was the last in any discussion or argument. Women were expected to do householding chores, look after kids, and meet their husbands at home with thankful smiles on their faces.

Today, it looks more like some plot from a bestselling book on the store or a story from a recently-presented film. The world is changing rapidly, and so do people in it. More and more best women are becoming independent, successful, and confident. They do not want to stay at home and care about their husbands and kids only. Girls dream big and act to achieve their goals. Perhaps you have heard a lot of dominant girlfriend stories. They may sound funny until you have to deal with a woman in control. A romantic relationship with a bossy lady may become the main challenge in the man’s life. That’s why it is important to be able to recognize a woman in control and be sure to know the main rules of dating her. This way, guys increase their chances to be happy and enjoy relationships.

Who is a Woman in Control? – Dominant Girlfriend Signs

According Tumblr dominant girlfriend, not every woman attentionally is bossy. Sometimes, she has no choice due to different circumstances. For example, a girl had difficulties when she had to help her parents. Such situations impact the person greatly. At first, she may even do not notice how she is used to giving commands. Time after time, she learns to take care of everything on her own. It happens that the dominant girlfriend college doesn’t want to control other people or family members, but she can’t stop doing it. This means that you can try to build a healthy relationship with such a lady. But before you find the answer to the common question “ Is she the one?”, you’d better discover all advantages and disadvantages of a dominant girlfriend to make the right decision.

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What are the Main Pros and Cons of a Dominant Girlfriend?

Have you ever seen a dominant girlfriend meme? What first idea comes to your mind? Is it worth dating a bossy woman? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of seeing a girl in a control.

Pros of Dominant Girlfriend Relationship

Strong women attract men with their self-confidence and energy. But not every guy is able to cope with such a brave lady. Those who dare can enjoy the following advantages:

  • She knows what she wants. A dominant lady always knows her own desires. It means that in all spheres of life she has high standards. Such a desirable woman will never agree to a job with a low income, friends who deceive, lovers who cheat, etc. A dominant girl chooses only the best, so you can be sure that life beside a woman in control will prosperous, successful, and full of bright emotions.
  • She has a definite plan for any occasion. With a dominant lady, you can be sure that your weekend will be well-arranged, so as all other events and holidays. A woman in control always thinks about every detail and cares that everyone has fulfilled their duty. Simply put, you do not need to worry about anything. Your girlfriend will have all stuff under her control. 
  • She is energetic. A woman who knows what she wants is always active and energetic as she keeps her plans and goals in her mind. Such a lady rarely allows herself to be lazy or do nothing. As a result, the woman is inspired by everything she does. You can see how happy she feels when her plans and goals are realized, and how passionate she is when it is necessary to apply some more effort.
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Cons of Sexy Dominant Girlfriend

Are you ready to say “I want a dominant girlfriend”? First look at the evident disadvantages of having a strong lady beside you. In this case, you will know what to be ready for:

  1. You do not feel like a man. Having a sexually dominant girlfriend, you risk feeling more like a teen but not like a real man. Such a lady always provides you with a to-do list of things that you must finish until she comes back. Agree, that it is quite hard to be a man when you date a girl who always tells you what and how to do. In fact, you do not have a right to your own “voice”. Instead, your lady tends to push you all the time. Moreover, she wants to know what you are doing during the day, who you are talking to, meet, and finally, what you are wearing. Day by day, you feel that you are losing yourself and emotional abandonment is increasing. Finally, you stop understanding what you really want in every aspect of your life.
  2. She has unrealistic expectations. First, you choose nicknames for the dominant girlfriend just having fun, but then you realize that she has unrealistic expectations. Your lady may forget about the desires of other people, and keep thinking that they want the same as she does. As a result, you always have to remind her of the reality and the fact that others are not her property.
  3. You can’t decide anything. As your woman has a definite plan for any occasion, she doesn’t leave any space for you to make decisions. She is sure that her plan is always better, and refuses any of your offers or suggestions. She may even say it directly when you are resting with your friends. Mind that eventually you are going to feel like a lazy loser who still lives with his mother.
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How to Get a Dominant Girlfriend and Deal with Her?

It goes without saying that having a dominant girlfriend is a real challenge. However, if you love your lady, and still have some hope for building a nice connection, then keep an eye on the following tips from top experts:

Ignore her orders sometimes

Times of slaves are far away. It means you do not have to do everything that your lady tells you. It is okay to forget or to intentionally ignore some of her commands to remind her that you are an individual as well. Stop hurrying to fulfill her every wish and either postpone it or refuse in the most extreme cases. It is crucial to show that you know the word “no”, and you can use it every time you feel like refusing. 

Use your sense of humor

Does your dominant girlfriend give you commands all the time? Try to take it easy, and use your sense of humor.  You can even apply some sarcasm to show your own boundaries and prevent your lady from crossing them. Show that she can’t behave like this with you in a light manner. Mind that humor is the best tool in any situation, so take the advantage of it and breathe with relief.

Be a man of your desires

Even if you agree to build a relationship with a dominant girlfriend – it doesn’t mean that you must fulfill all her desires and meet all her expectations. It is important to mind your own desires and goals not to lose yourself completely. Stand up for yourself in any situation and be brave to say “No” when you disagree with your significant other.

Last Word

Recent data mentions that about 64% of adults are happy in their relationships. It means that your couple has a chance to be one of them as it is possible to build a romantic connection with a woman in control. Now you know that having a dominant girlfriend has its pluses and minuses. Hence, you should remember that it would not be easy. The chances to suffer from a real catastrophe in the very end are the same as having the best connection in your life. If you are ready for going through this challenge, then keep in mind the above-mentioned tips. Incorporating them into your routine may be very efficient for both of you. Who knows, maybe over time, you feel let the lady feel safe and calm by your side so that she can relax at last, and become an equal partner for you.

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1 thought on “Dominant Girlfriend – What is Dating a Woman in Control Like?

  1. As a man, I can certainly understand the appeal of dating a strong, confident and self-assured woman. It can be incredibly attractive to be with someone who knows what they want and has a clear plan for their life!
    However, I can also see the potential challenges that come with dating a dominant girlfriend….
    Personally, I value independence and ambition in a partner. I believe that healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding, and being able to navigate a dominant partner’s strong personality is a part of that. However, I also know that it can be difficult to balance that with MY OWN WANTS and NEEDS in a relationship. I think it’s important to communicate and be open with my partner about how I feel and what I need in order to make the relationship work for both of us.

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