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Is She the One: Signs Your Girlfriend Matches You Well

The moment when you meet your special lady is unforgettable. You start spending a lot of time together, making plans, visiting new places and making common friends. Your bond gets stronger and stronger every single day. Everything seems to be perfect.  You may date a woman for a long time and then one day ask yourself “Is she the one”? It means you start thinking about your future and you worry whether a particular lady matches you well. Luckily, there is a “is she the one checklist” that contains important signs which tell whether the right woman is beside you. Knowing these signs you will understand if your relationship has a future. 

9 Main Signs – Is She the One for Me?

Do you know that exactly love is what drives people to get married today, according to a recent report of PewResearch? It is real happiness to come across your soulmate. But are you sure that she is the one who will make your heart beat faster not only today or tomorrow but many years ahead?  Is she the one the one you’ve been waiting for? The following signs will help you understand everything and find answers to all questions. 

1.You have the same values

You may have common hobbies and enjoy doing the same things together but is it important if your core values are different? Probably no. As many couples report, having opposite ideas on religion, politics, and other crucial things can be harmful for your connection. Is she the one after dating a long time? Yes, if you have the same values. It means you look at crucial things in the same way. You may have different preferences for TV shows or the color of your walls, but core values should be identical. Only then you can be sure that your connection has a future. Moreover, it is crucial that both of you are on the same page rather than trying to persuade one another about something.

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2.You plan the future together

One of the “Is she the one test” questions will be mutual future. What thoughts come to your mind when you think about your special one? Do you feel happy when you think about a marriage proposal, wedding day, having kids, and spending the rest of your life with your significant other? Does joy or sadness fill you? If you feel happy and comfortable when you think about a common future, then your current relationship has the potential to last for years. In the case of taking “Is she the one to marry quiz”, you start to hesitate about what will your life be like in 5 or even 10 years, then the woman by your side is not the best match for you.

3.You think she is the best

Despite how long you have been dating, you find your lady to be the most attractive woman. You do not pay attention to other ladies. She is the most beautiful, talented, sexy, and intelligent.  You like your woman in every possible way, and remember to tell her about this all the time. Nothing changes even if a younger, slimmer, or more successful lady appears in your company. You strongly believe that your woman is a true diamond in your life. 

4.You discuss everything

Is she the one lyrics say that people who have a chance to be happy together, always discuss everything. Yes, you can communicate a lot, on different topics, and be sure that your partner will understand you. People with chances for a happy “ever after” never judge each other. Instead, they feel free to say everything openly. Your communication is always a real pleasure even if sometimes you have to deal with sad or difficult issues. Together, you can find a good solution to any issue with ease. 

5.You prefer spending time with her rather than with friends

Is she the one that you’ve been waiting for? Definitely, if you prefer being with her rather than hanging out with your friends. It doesn’t mean that you can’t communicate with other people, and spend time with your comrades. It means that you enjoy being with your significant other. You are never bored, and you always find what to do together. But if you feel a lack of personal space when you are beside your lady, if you get tired of spending time together, then the answer to “Is she the one I shoud marry?” question is negative. 

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6.You argue but keep seeking a compromise

Is she the one for me how do I know? Just remember the moment when you argue. How do you behave? In case you avoid accusing each other and try to find a compromise,  your relationship has a future. It means that you do not just spend time together – you really worry about your bond. Neither of you is going to tell – that’s enough, I am leaving. You both work, look for solutions and try to make a way out acceptable for both. Moreover, you and your lady mind the style and tone of the discussions. Bad words, shouting, and physical violence are not acceptable for sure. 

7.You accept each other just as you are

I can’t get my gf outta my head is she the one? Before answering this question, try to analyze your relationship. Do you accept each other just as you are? It is a problem whether some of you got thin or thick? You can build a happy connection if you focus on a person’s strengths rather than paying attention only to weak points. Believe, it is a great feeling when you love a person completely, without any conditions. 

8.You are a priority for one another

Ive been stuck on her for years is she the one? Perhaps yes, if you have each other in the first place. It means you consider the feelings and reactions of your beloved every time when you make some decisions. You do not care only about your own desires and preferences. The comfort and pleasure of your partner are not less significant than yours. You act in the way, everybody is happy and satisfied. 

9.Your feelings are deeper than just sex

In case you have some hesitations about the future of your bond, you can seek “Is she the one Reddit”. Most users agree that a reliable connection goes beyond having great sex only. Partners have deep feelings that are made up of closeness, passion, trust, and care. Of course, a physical attraction is significant, but emotional safety and connection are important as well.

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Is She the One I Should Marry? – No!

There are also a few helpful signs that will let you understand that a woman beside you is not the one who you should marry and plan a future with.

You have almost nothing in common

Is she the one quiz says that people who can build a happy tomorrow, have a lot in common. They share the same interests, preferences, and views. If you can’t say so about your couple, then you surely have different paths. Instead of having a good time together, you fight, argue, and try to find a way out.

You do not speak a lot

Do you remember when you talked with your beloved for the last time? No, it is not just about saying “Hello. How are you?”, or “What do we have for dinner today?”. It is about a slow conversation on serious topics that are equally important for you and for your significant other. If you do not practice frank and deep dialogues, then “Is she the one song” isn’t about you for sure.

Physical attraction is the basis of your relationship

In case all your connection is based only on physical attraction and everything always leads to sex, then you have not met your soulmate yet, according to “Is she the one TV show”. Just imagine that you can’t make sex due to some reasons for a definite period of time. What will be left then? Will you be able to save your connection? Probably no. 

You have different plans

Future is another crucial point in “Is she the one questionaire”. Let’s see. You dream about a fantastic wedding ceremony, three kids, and warm family evenings by a fireplace while your woman is interested in building a career, hanging out with friends, and traveling from one place to another one. Therefore, is she the one that got away meaning can’t be discussed here. Your lady is not your destiny for sure.

You do not notice tiny things about each other

When two people are connected with a strong bond, they remember everything about each other, even the smallest things. Do you remember the favorite color of your beloved? What about her birthday, and other important events? Are you sure that your significant other remembers such staff about you, and notices different types of changes? If not, then is she the one cover photo can’t be placed in your family album. 

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Summing up: Is She the One for You?

Of course, you can watch “Is she the one show”, listen to experts’ opinions, or ask for a piece of advice from your friends. However, it is only you who should stay and try to make the puzzle.  Is she the one when you feel like youre floating? Yes, if you can see most of the signs that have been discussed above. Try to analyze your connection, and identify all strong and weak points. Consider is she the one lyrics to understand everything properly. Do not be afraid to let her go, and start a new page in your life, in case you feel that she is not the one. Even if it is painful now, you get a great chance to meet your real soulmate soon. 

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