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How to Understand a Shy Girl Likes You? – Top Signs to Know

Probably you know shy girls as it is easy to recognize them in the crowd. Such ladies often hide their eyes, do not smile much, and feel uncomfortable in the company of strangers. That’s why it is a big challenge to understand whether a shy girl likes you. You can discover common signs proving that she really feels something. As a result, you will understand whether it is worth taking the first step to decrease distance between you, and build a romantic relationship in the long run. 

How to Tell is a Shy Girl Likes You?

In most cases, it is not difficult to understand whether the lady likes you or not until you deal with a shy girl. These women are used to hiding their feelings and do not let other people get too close to them. Still, if you like the lady and you want to understand whether she feels the same, then keep an eye on the following signs a shy girl likes you.

1. She laughs at your jokes and likes your sense of humor

It goes without saying that every person has a unique sense of humor and not always people around like or accept it. In case the girl is fond of your jokes and she laughs a lot when you tell them, then it may be a sign she is crazy about you. It is especially evident if she is the one among your friends who actually likes your jokes and smiles when you start telling a new one.

2. She prefers texting rather than talking in person

How do you know if a shy girl likes you? You can start suspecting it if the lady is not very talkative when you meet. She doesn’t say much and prefers to keep silent until you ask some questions. However, when you say goodbye and leave, the situation changes completely. You get plenty of messages from the lady. It means that she feels too shy to say something in person and prefers texting instead. This way, she is more confident and is not afraid of your reaction to this or that thing. Also, it is easier for her to reveal her personality, share her dreams, and talk about her goals. 

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3. She is always ready to help

Life is surely full of different unexpectancies. Something may happen all of sudden and make you feel stuck. If a shy girl is only who is ready to help you despite the time of day and night, then she surely likes you. It is great to have somebody who is always close at hand, and who you can entrust completely. Such a person will never let you down, and you can reach everything with reliable support. When a shy girl likes you, she comes first when you need it and doesn’t require any explanations.

4. She knows everything about your family and friends

How to tell if shy girl likes you? She knows everything about you and tends to learn more about your family and other dearest people. Such a woman doesn’t forget to congratulate your relatives on their birthdays, and she remembers other important details about them. You should not explain to each other who you are talking about in your conversation as the lady understands this at once. Sometimes, your family feels the same and excepts the girl as a family member. Such a tight connection is one of signs shy girl likes you but is afraid to say it directly. 

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5. She puts off her eyes at once

If a shy girl likes you, she can look at you for hours, and then all of sudden put off her eyes. This way, she tries to keep her interest a secret and does not let you know about her real feelings. In other words, at the moment when she realizes that you have noticed her passionate gaze. she pretends to be looking at something or somebody else. A shy girl doesn’t want you to know that she has been looking exactly at you as she is afraid of being rejected. 

6. She actively follows you on the social media network

It’s evident that most of your followers like your photos, and posts, and interact with your stories. But a shy girl who tries to hide her real feelings does all this in another way. First of all, she doesn’t miss any of your new publications. Then, she will always respond to any question in your stories and share your post if you ask to do that for some purpose. It seems that she doesn’t sleep actually and checking your page on Instagram, or any other social media network is her main priority. 

7. She tends to learn you better

How to tell a shy girl likes you? Well, she surely wants to get to know you better. It doesn’t mean that she would come up with plenty of questions on one day. No! Instead, she will use every opportunity to find out more about your dreams and desires. She tends to understand what kind of person you actually are, and what you feel passionate about. A shy girl would like to know what hobbies you have and what makes you feel happy or sad. She analyzes all information and makes conclusions. Once you may be surprised by how well she knows you, and everything that surrounds you.

8. Your friends notice her interest 

How to know if a shy girl likes you? Your friends may suspect it and let you know about this. The thing is that sometimes we can’t see things that happen right next to us. That’s why you may miss the fact that a shy girl feels special about you and dreams of being with you. Hence, if you want to know what the lady feels toward you, you can ask your friends for a piece of advice. In most cases, it is really effective and helps you better than other signs that a shy girl likes you.

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9. She remembers small details you don’t

How to know a shy girl likes you? It is easy to understand if during your conversation you realize that she remembers small things that you have already forgotten. For example, it is an easy task for her to say what color of skirt you wore at the last New Year’s party, or what cake she didn’t like in your favorite cafe. It all depends, but we hope you caught the idea. A shy girl who really likes you, always remembers things that you even have not paid attention to or simply forgot. She is the first who can remind you of that funny, sad, or happy moments. 

10. She often changes outfits

It is not difficult to recognize a woman in love in the crowd. The lady who feels special about some man tries to look well and attract his attention somehow. A shy girl mostly feels unconfident beside you as she doesn’t know whether you like her back. That’s why you can notice her new outfits and experiments with styles. The lady wants to look like your dream woman. Of course, sometimes these experiments are not very successful. Still, they can help you with the question “How to tell when a shy girl likes you?”.

What to Do with Signs a Girl Likes You But is Shy

Have you managed to recognize any signs a shy girl likes you body language? If yes,  then your next question perhaps would be “What should I do next?”. In case you feel the same, then it is high time to clarify the situation with the girl directly. Experts recommend you have a frank conversation and do not postpone it anymore. Still, there are a few things that you should remember. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for conversation once you see shy girl likes you signs:

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As you can see there is nothing special about discussing your feelings and thoughts with the lady. However, you should do it only when you are sure about your own position on dating and goals. Otherwise, you risk losing a dear person who has warm feelings for you and is ready to support you in any situation. 

Let’s Recap

Love and relationship have never been easy issues to deal with. People start a relationship in different ways and not always this experience turns out to be successful. But it doesn’t mean that you should step aside. Life is too short to ignore feelings. Hence, if you took how to know if a shy girl likes you quiz, and understood that a particular lady feels special to you, then you should take this opportunity. Of course, if you feel the same way as she is. Mind signs show that a shy girl likes you, and try to act wisely. Who knows maybe this lady is your future girlfriend or even wife. You never kow until you try, right? 

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  1. One of the girls from my gang came to my mind when I read this. she is actually my best friend. Sometimes I feel more than friendship from her. I don’t know why exactly but there is a big attraction for her in my heart too..Anyways, she has all these behaviour mentioned here. So does this mean she is interested in me? If so, thank god!

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