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How to Woo a Woman? – Checked Tips from Top Experts

When we start to wonder how to take care of her so that she falls in love, the standard set involuntarily climbs into our heads: flowers, sweets, and languid whispers “I will give you a star from the sky …” Well, we don’t argue: for some ladies, such a promise is quite enough to be subdued, while for others, in order to fall in love with you completely and irrevocably, nothing at all is needed, except for your charming smile.

General Tips on Charming the Lady

When it comes to amorous feelings, how they arise is a mystery to us all. However, there are some general smart tips on how to properly woo a woman in order to maximize your chances of reciprocity.

1. Be yourself

Reddit how to woo a woman: if you want to build a relationship with her (maybe even a serious one), then at the very first stage we advise you to forget about “pick-up tricks” from the Internet. Because, firstly, there is a risk that the girl has already heard the approach you are using, and this will make her doubt your originality.

Secondly, playing the “mysterious and cool” guy will prevent her from getting to know you better and can be misleading. A girl should understand what you really are, because it is important to build relationships, starting with sincerity.

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2. Do not forget about compliments

Giving the right compliments is an art. How to woo a woman with words? Telling a girl that she has beautiful breasts or an elastic ass, you are unlikely to give her much pleasure. But to praise her hat, the color of her lipstick at the right time, or to admire her dog’s upbringing is the first step on the way to her heart. The main thing here is to make them sincerely and in an original way!

3. Don’t be afraid to joke

How to woo a woman by text? A girl, even the most beautiful, is a person just like you and is not averse to laughing heartily. Moreover, ladies often list a good sense of humor as one of the most attractive features in men.

The main thing here is to carefully approach the choice of topics for jokes and not accidentally offend the interlocutor. Therefore, until you find out what exactly she doesn’t like and hurts, try to choose the most neutral (but still funny) jokes.

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4. Invite her to where she’s interested

There is nothing wrong with sitting in cafes and walking in the park. But it’s not enough exciting, just like memorable. Therefore, at the stage of courtship, try to invite the girl to a place that is interesting for her. It can be a trip to the cinema or nature, or you can go shopping together. The main thing is to remember and take into account what she likes to do, then she will really want to spend time with you.

5. Give original and appropriate gifts

The topic of gifts is very delicate and individual.  How to woo a woman that has an affair? You should not give too expensive a gift “not yet to your girlfriend”: at a minimum, this will make her feel uncomfortable, and it is possible that it will offend if this gesture is misinterpreted. Just like with dating, build on her hobbies. Let it be a trifle, but it is “for her.” Finding the perfect gift will take a little time and effort, but if you really like the girl, then we think this will not scare you.

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6. Do not violate her boundaries

How to woo a woman according to psycology? When you are in love, you want to quickly make sure of reciprocity and move on to the next stage of the relationship. We understand, but we still advise you not to rush. Carefully observe the girl’s reaction to your most tactful attempts to establish tactile contact and close the distance. If she’s not ready to throw herself into your arms just yet, wait a bit and she’ll appreciate that you respect her speed with a new person.

7. Surprise

In books and the Internet, there is a lot of advice on what to do to woo a woman, this article is no exception. But it’s your relationship and your rules – don’t be afraid to experiment! 

Unusual joint leisure, an extraordinary (but acceptable) topic for conversation: the more interesting she will be with you and the more vivid emotions she will receive from your communication, the more often she will think about you and … then anything can happen.

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8. Show your interest in her

How to woo a woman with fear of hearrbreak? Do you like her? Let her understand it.  Not only constant praise and the same questions “How are you? What are you doing?”, but also because you remember her hobbies, preferences, and sayings. Absolutely all people: both girls and guys – want to be heard, and everyone is pleased when someone remembers something important for them and shows interest in the events taking place in their life. This is called sensitivity and attentiveness, and it’s cool.

9. Don’t be greedy

How to woo a woman who isn’t sure? Let’s focus on gifts. Remember: girls appreciate generosity in a man. This does not mean at all that you are obliged to shower a casual acquaintance with diamonds on the second date or present her with the latest convertible. But you should not skimp on pleasant little things: perfumes, sweets, tickets to a concert or a nightclub, a cocktail in a bar at your expense, etc.

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10. Learn to surprise

If you’re still scratching your head about “how to woo a girl?”, remember another golden rule: women are like children, they love surprises. Therefore, you must always surprise the object of your sympathy with something. For example, take her for a walk in an unusual place. Another win option is to share an unusual hobby with her (rafting, if it’s a warm season outside the window, or to an ice rink if it’s winter outside?) Finally, you can even skydive together …

11. Cook something tasty for her

How to woo a woman with your cooking? As you know, men are the best cooks in the world. Girls are well aware of this and adore it when they are fed something tasty. Of course, banal coffee in bed is a matter of a distant future. In the “candy-bouquet” stage of courtship, an original omelet made with your own hands “literally out of nothing” will do. Or a light fruit salad that won’t hurt her figure. In extreme cases, an ordinary sandwich will do, but beautifully served and served with a smile!

12. Getting to know the parents

For most girls, getting to know your parents is an important sign of your seriousness. You yourself are not yet sure of their seriousness, but you don’t want to offend the girl either? It doesn’t matter: just prepare your parents in advance for the fact that tomorrow you will bring to dinner not a potential bride, but just your good friend. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone, because “to promise is not to marry.”

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How to Woo a Woman Long Distance?

Long distance relationships are always a test of the truth of your love. Many couples pass this test perfectly. If there really are close relationships between partners, no distance will become an obstacle for them. Maintaining long-distance relationships is not easy. But probably. If you want to be with this girl, then you will cope with this difficult task.

1. Make time for her

You don’t have to miss a few days. If you and your chosen one are separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometers, such behavior will greatly offend her and can make her worry about you.

How to woo a woman who is separated? You can’t go on dates, but you can sometimes find a couple of hours for a solid conversation and not limit communication to standard and dry messages.

2. Use modern technologies

Yes, kisses and something more are not yet available to you.  How to woo a woman messages? At your disposal is not only text but also audio and video. Don’t neglect them. Give her the opportunity to see you and look into her eyes as often as possible during the conversation.

3. Write her a letter

How to woo a woman with a letter? Maybe it sounds strange, but why not? Especially if you attach some little thing to it – a postcard, for example. Such an act in the 21st century is truly romantic – what is needed for a beautiful courtship.

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4. Use the delivery service

The fact that you are separated by kilometers does not mean at all that you cannot give her flowers, a fruit basket, or something else that couriers can bring to her. Use the delivery service.

5. Share something interesting and enjoyable with her

Did you see something funny or unusual? Take a picture and send it to her! A beautiful sunset or an advertisement that made you smile, an unusually shaped cloud, or your new cool tie. Visualizing the experience will help her briefly seem to be next to you, and it is possible that in this way you will definitely become “closer” to each other.

How to Woo a Woman Online? 5 Main Rules

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How to woo a woman on social network? Of course, we are all different, and what suits one may not suit another at all. But nevertheless, there are a couple of universal ways that help to interest a girl – it doesn’t matter if you communicate in a real life or on a dating site. By the way, do you know what percent of singles are on dating apps? According to one American Research, statistics show that: while 48% of 18- to 29-year-olds say have ever used a dating site or app, the share is 38% among those ages 30 to 49 and even lower for those 50 and older (16%).

So, this is the so-called “base” that every man needs to know to woo a woman.

1. Talk about her

A banal psychological technique that works for everyone without exception: if you want to please a person or draw attention to your conversation, talk to them about them. Ask questions to the interlocutor, show interest in her life and hobbies, and look for something in common between you.

Important! Of course, sincerity rules everything. If you are not interested in learning more about a girl, it is better to have a conversation about what is interesting to you. The fake is always visible.

2. Be “easy” in communication

Remember: until you are in a relationship and have not said these moments, no one owes anything to anyone. How to woo a woman on a dating site? Do not demand from her a momentary response to your SMS, do not reproach her for ignoring, and do not fill up with messages. In return, you yourself can sometimes “disappear” from the network and torment it in anticipation – in healthy doses, this will only benefit.

3. Write in moderation

The ideal formula for long-distance communication is 60/40, where 60% of your correspondence is your messages, and 40% is hers. If there is a bias in one of the parties, the second person will lose interest. Yes, relationships are tricky.

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4. Take your time

If you really like a girl, guys are usually in a hurry: they are ready to communicate 24/7, they invite you to a meeting on the day they meet, and they tell everything about themselves at once. Sometimes it touches us, and sometimes it scares us. How to woo a woman yahoo answer: in order to look appropriate and interest a girl in communication, oddly enough, you don’t need to try too hard.

Final Word

Woo a woman is not as difficult as it seems, the main thing is to be a good lover and have an interest in her. Especially if she herself is disposed to communication. Actually, this should be the main indicator for you: if she keeps up the conversation, willingly answers questions, and shows interest in the conversation, it will be easy and pleasant for you to build relationships. Good luck!

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  1. I like to impress my woman – I can’t even explain what emotions fill me when I see her smiling eyes. It is the best prize ever. I do not care how much time or money I spent. The best moment is to observe her reaction and feel her attitude. I want to say to all men – guys, woo your lady often. In return, you will get much more than you invested. Take every opportunity to let your babe feel that she is special to you.

  2. It is not a secret that women like attention, that’s why I often order a delivery of flowers, or purchase small gifts without any special occasion. Actually, it is not difficult to woo a woman if you really like her. Anyway, thank you for these nice tips. They are cool.

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