do women like anal sex

If you are pondering over the question “Do women like anal sex?”, you will certainly need to learn all the secrets of women’s attitude to this intimate process. Based on the relevant research, a great share of females consider anal sex more intimate than vaginal intercourse. Moreover, numerous ladies find anal stimulation more pleasurable compared […]

Parasocial Relationships

Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships between mass media consumers and famous people. While some individuals get involved in such types of bonds with celebrities and real characters, others form a parasocial attachment with social creatures, imaginary heroes, and fictional characters that never existed. The parasocial bonds may be in a form of friendship, romantic encounters,

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What kills long distance relationships

The sphere of personal relationships between two loving people is infinitely multifaceted, and more often in it, we are faced with such a concept as long-distance relationships. At present there are a lot of long distance couples. Interesting fact that 75% of all couples have been in a long distance relationship at some period of

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What is my love language

It is believed that love languages ​​are quite a popular theory that the famous philosopher Gary Chapman was able to make. Love languages ​​can help you understand different needs in a relationship. That is, how partners differ in relationships and how their needs converge. But people often wonder: ‘How do I know what my love

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What is Emotional Abandonment in Marriage

Relationships may see a lot of ups and downs despite how long people are already together. When spouses deal with emotional abandonment in marriage, everything seems to be very complicated. Two partners are involved and none of them has an idea of what to do next. It doesn’t mean that there is no way out.

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date your spouse

If your marriage hasn’t been romantic in a long time, go on a date with your partner. Importance of dating your spouse: Dating helps us feel that life does not consist only of family routine and overcoming domestic difficulties. There is a difference between dating and regular relationships. Dating is a return to that sweet

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how to be a better lover

How to be a better lover? Granted, everyone has been pondering over this question at least once in their life? You may experience ups and downs during the development of your relationships. So, when some difficulties bother your mind, you will need to find the best way out to give your love affairs a boost.

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