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What is My Love Language Quiz? Love Language Concept

It is believed that love languages ​​are quite a popular theory that the famous philosopher Gary Chapman was able to make. Love languages ​​can help you understand different needs in a relationship. That is, how partners differ in relationships and how their needs converge. But people often wonder: ‘How do I know what my love language is?’ Therefore, you can view the answer to the what is my partner’s love language quiz.

What Love Languages ​​Exist in Our World?

what is my partner's love language quiz

There are five love languages ​​in total, and each opens up a different way of expressing love in a relationship.

Thanks to this Ph.D., we finally can learn from the theory that each person has their love language of the five existing ones. And thanks to this language, they can either give or receive love.

One of the partners can show love when they say, ‘I love you,’ and will also expect this from the partner in a relationship. And other people can show their love through gentle touches, and it can be kisses, various strokes, or even just holding hands.

Now let’s look at each of the love languages.

Words that confirm love

What is my love language to others

You can show your expressions of care, affection, and encouragement through such words. People with this love language usually love when they are complimented, when a partner tells what they likes in a relationship, the words I love you and various other nice words towards the partner.

Words of approval can be different, and they can be compliments and even assurances through which you can confirm your inner love and all your feelings.

Such people who need support want to hear from people that they is loved. And in order for a person to feel loved next to the partner, they needs to listen to what he/she thinks.

If you start noticing something that needs some words of support from your loved one, you should tell your partner about it because, thanks to such terms, you can feel confident. The same will happen to people who need support. The usual compliments are enough for them to feel loved.

And do not be afraid of your desires. The fact that you want to be loved is quite normal.

Physical touch

What is my primary love language

Thanks to the following love language, a partner can show their affection through different kisses, sex, hugs, and touches. Those people who have this love language are madly enjoying the relationship and enjoy the public display of love, that is, close hugs with their partner and various kisses in public places.

Joint pastime

Such people love to spend a considerable amount of time with their partner, as they enjoy their company with each other well. Someones with such a language love their partners even for trifles as making plans. They also like to spend time together on dates or even just lie on the bed and talk about everything in the world throughout the whole night.

Often people need a good time, want to be with their loved one for a considerable amount of time, and do everything possible so that their partner has free time to spend on a partner.

Also, you must understand that if you want to be close to your partner all the time, you will sometimes need to take a break, as each person has their own responsibilities, tasks, and problems. And sometimes, it can come to a breakup.

You can read this article if you have begun to notice a different behavior from your partner.


 what is my love language quiz

By presenting gifts, people show their love and affection. These may be different physical things, but thanks to them, you indicate to your partner all your feelings of love and care. Also, somebody who are given gifts are pleased and feel loved, especially if facilities require a lot of effort, patience, and resources.

Not all people correctly understand this language of love. Many individuals think that we are talking about big and expensive gifts. But it is not since you can surprise and please your partner with cute notes, flowers, pastries left in the morning, and various small items that belong to your partner’s hobby.

People whose love language is gifts are insanely happy when they realize that they spent money and time for them when they chose something for them.

You can also check out Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to pick up a few cool tips.

Service records

Those with this love language are insanely glad and happy if they make thoughtful gestures for their partner. These gestures can be food that one partner brings to another bed when another is sick and coffee in the morning. People often see meaning in various small actions and also feel loved when they see that a partner is trying and making a lot of effort for such gestures.

What Is My Love Language to Others? How to Define the Language of Love?

 what is my partner's love language quiz

To understand what your love language is, remember what you are doing in order to show the people you love your affection. This could be your partner, friend, or even family member.

Do you like to cuddle with your significant other on the couch and be in comfortable silence? Or you may want to say a lot of compliments in their direction or just verbal confirmation. Could it be some kind of sound and sweet gesture of care, take or pick up in the morning from the airport? Or maybe you get high when you can pay the bill after a great dinner, or buy some gift while shopping and you are sure that your person will like this item?

Through the way you show your affection and love for people, you can define your love language. Often what you do for your loved ones, you want in return. There are different cases, and sometimes people have only one love language, sometimes several, and sometimes one main and other secondary ones.

What is My Primary Love Language?

As we said above, there are different cases. For example, you may have one love language through which you show and give your love and a second through which you understand how you want to receive affection and love. You also need to know what kind of love you want to receive and what kind to give. The giver must tune in to the recipient’s love language, as the goal is always for the recipient to feel loved in the way they genuinely appreciate it.

Very often, and to be truthful, it always helps people figure out what their love language is through an online test, thanks to which you can answer these questions. It won’t take up a lot of your free time, but it will help a lot of problems that may arise in your current or future relationship.

How Do You Know What Your Partner’s Love Language is?

What is my love language

One of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to learn your partner’s love language is simply asking them since they like one of the five love languages ​​more. What they will tell you will be one of the essential love languages ​​that you will need to use in order to give them love and show affection.

Also, for your convenience, you can tell your partner which love language you have and which you like better when you show your love and affection. It will be much easier for your partner as well as for you because you will find balance in your relationship.

A psychologist once said, “Discovering your and your partner’s primary love language and using that language regularly can [create] a better understanding of each other’s needs and support each other’s growth.” From this quote, you can learn a lot of things for yourself and for your relationship.


Also, statistically, we can find out that the love language preferred by most people is a quality pastime: 38% consider it their best love language. Women under 45 (41%) and those 45 and older (44%) most often say that quality time is their favorite way to receive love. The second is physical touch. Men aged 45 and over often cite physical touch as the best way to get love. And in third place are the words of confirmation.

Also, according to statistics, you can find out that their partners have a love language that does not coincide with their partners. We really hope that you answered the question: ‘what is my love language test?’ and now you know what love language you have. This will greatly help you seek mutual understanding in a relationship, as well as correctly communicate this to your partner.

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  1. Very informative article, I enjoyed it! My girlfriend and I have one love language between the two of us – physical touch. We love physical contact and try to spend as much time as possible in it. The funniest thing is that I never thought about it until I read this article. Thank you, it was very informative!

  2. Very helpful article!!!!
    It turns out that I have all types of love language. I love when gifts are given and when hugs are given. My husband constantly tries to spend time with me and give me love language. Just love him!!!

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