Ukraine Dating Scams

Ukraine Dating Scams: Must Have to Know When Meeting Girls Online

Dating sites are a great way to find your love. It is known that more than 70% of users have meetings in real life with their online partners. But also it often happens that some people use love-making platforms for other purposes such as online dating Ukraine scams. Often, single men become victims of online fraud. You’re in luck, here you’ll learn all about how to avoid being scammed while dating online. I am an experienced expert who has connected hundreds of hearts through dating sites, I know all the rules for meeting a partner online safely. Read this guide further for useful recommendations and important tips to remember.

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🧐 How to recognize Ukraine dating site scams in the network? What types of schemes can be pulled by people who intend to scam? I will also tell you how to choose a reliable dating site so that dating is safe and effective.

It is important to know that the interlocutor with whom you communicate online is a real person who wants relationships and love. Unfortunately, successful dating does not always happen. There are cases where people become victims of their potential partners. How to quickly respond to Ukrainian internet dating scams and understand that you are communicating with a scammer? Read the Ukraine dating scams list:

1. Specific profile

When studying the profile of your interlocutor, there are several signs that you should pay special attention to, to avoid Ukrainian dating site scams:

  • The interlocutor is looking for acquaintances in your region but lives in another country.
  • Many attackers claim to be in military service in another country.
  • Attackers and bots add very little information to the profile and only one or two photos that are mostly Ukraine dating scams pictures. Also, the profile, as a rule, is not tied to Instagram and other accounts on social networks.

2. Attempt to transfer communication to another place

It is also included in the Ukrainian dating scammer list. An online dating scammer will quickly offer to move the conversation outside the site where you met. Often, attackers with the goal to make dating scams from Ukraine prefer to communicate using text messages via Skype or Facebook. However, an option is possible via SMS or a messenger like Whatsapp. Be especially careful with characters you don’t know in real life who wish to chat on another platform.

3. Rapid manifestation of feelings

Fraudsters who want to do Ukraine dating agency scams tend to move quickly into an emotional conversation. After a short time, you may confess your love or deep affection. This trick is part of the emotional manipulation often used by scammers during online dating, which is why receptive people who lead solitary lives are particularly desirable targets as they crave new connections.

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4. Constant circumstances that interfere with the real-life meeting

Since the fraudster is not the person he claims to be, he naturally does not want to meet in person at all. It is for this reason that many scammers say that they work in another country since in this case there is an ironclad excuse. The reasons preventing the meeting may turn out to be a reason to first ask for money from you, for example, to buy a ticket. Sometimes the attackers claim that they are detained at the border and they need money to be released.

5. Reluctance to communicate in video chat

It is a popular trick that is also one of the Russian/Ukraine dating scams. Be especially careful with those who do not want to communicate via video link because of a “broken” video camera.

Most modern smartphones have a built-in selfie camera, which makes setting up a video chat relatively easy. Some people may avoid videos due to shyness, but if the other person confesses their love to you, but does not want to communicate via video after a few weeks of dating, then you are very likely dealing with a scammer.

Common Types of Ukrainian Dating Scams

There are a lot of schemes that are invented by scammers on dating sites to make money. My clients have told me that they chose platforms that were not my recommendations and became victims of scams. Here are some of the most common types of Ukraine dating scams you can see on bad dating sites.

1️⃣ Fake date

This scheme included in dating scams from Ukraine blacklist works as follows: an attacker disguised as a girl contacts the victim in dating apps, and during the conversation, they lure the man into the messenger, where he invites him on a date.

❓ How does it work? The girl supposedly has a ticket to a concert by a popular singer or performance. She sends the victim an image of her ticket’s QR code, offering to buy a seat next to her, and a link to a fake ticket site. When the victim makes a purchase, the money goes to the attacker, who immediately stops communication.

2️⃣ “Let’s go to the cinema?”

Often, scammers invite users of dating sites to the cinemas, arguing:

  • It’s cheaper than a regular movie theatre.
  • while the service is like in a restaurant,
  • you can order a script for the evening according to your taste,
  • choose your movie.

❓How does it work? You receive an SMS from your partner: “You and I have been communicating on the site for so long, let’s meet? I suggest a cinema: it’s cheaper and very romantic. Just you and me”. You agree, and then you are asked to follow the link and pay a small fee, the same cheap entrance to the institution, supposedly he or she takes care of all other expenses.

3️⃣ Code from SMS

The fraud scheme, one of the Russian Ukrainian dating site scams, which became popular two years ago, is still at the top. You communicate with a young “bride” (in fact, a well-trained swindler), and she appeases you and decides to surprise you: “I ordered a small gift for you with home delivery, but something doesn’t come. Provided your number. Will you dictate the code? And then your money goes to the scammer’s account.

❓How to avoid becoming a victim of a typical divorce? Firstly, be more careful and never give personal data of bank cards, your phone number, or codes from SMS. The code is the easiest way to get hold of your savings. Secondly, if you want to communicate on dating sites, get a separate number for this, do not pay anything with it, and do not tie it to a bank card.

4️⃣ “You are cool. Will you send your hot photo?”

It is a cunning trick, also one of the dating scams in our embassy in Ukraine. Often, sweet heartfelt conversations on dating sites lead to a more serious dialogue from the series: “Upload your photo? Or maybe we can chat via video link?

As a result, you relax, come up with a further course of events, and maybe even dream of a personal meeting with a person. Suddenly, she sends a message with blackmail: “Either you send me such and such an amount right now, or all correspondence and photos will end up on the Internet!” What if you sent intimate pictures? And if you agreed to virtual sex (this, by the way, is very common on the Web)? The first thing that comes to your mind is to send money to a scammer so that your personal information is not recognized by friends, relatives, or colleagues.

❓What should have been done at the very beginning, so as not to fall into the hands of swindlers? Remember that a photo (we are talking about any pictures, not just intimate ones) is personal information that in no case should be advertised right and left. 

How to Avoid Typical Ukrainian Dating Scams?

It is worth remembering that some dating sites do not give a 100% guarantee of safe and effective dating. Therefore, you need to take into account some rules for using love-making platforms.

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🛑 Do not send your candid photos. Even if you are sure that your partner has serious sincere intentions, do not agree to send any photos or videos of an intimate nature. Fraudsters can use this as a tool for blackmail.

🛑 Be especially careful when the bride starts asking for money. If a girl says that she urgently needs money for medicines, a flight to you, etc., you should be wary. Usually, only scammers ask for money.

🛑 Do not share your data. This is a direct way to a scam. Under no pretext do not indicate your phone number, location, code, bank card number, etc. Do not say this to brides and do not highlight this data in the questionnaire.

🛑 Check the photo of your interlocutor. Before you start chatting with the girl you like, check her photo in Google search. Perhaps she is not a real person, and there are just dating scams in Ukraine photos. This will protect you from communicating with a scammer.

🛑 In no case do not agree to send an SMS message to any number. You can lose all your savings. This is a traditional scam.

Ukrainian Dating Scams: Choosing a Reliable Matchmaking Platform

In order not to fall into the insidious networks of scammers, you just need to choose a reliable professional dating site. This is a key moment for those who start dating. Keep these tips in mind when choosing the platform where you will meet your love.

  • Pay attention to the age of the site. The longer the love-making platform exists, the higher the probability of meeting a real person, and not a scammer. If the site has been functioning for a long time, this means that all the algorithms are adjusted on it, there is a convenient interface, and so on.
  • Check for a support system. In case of conflict situations with users or problems in the operation of the portal, you can always contact the support service specialists. On a professional dating site, there should be customer support that works 24/7 and is always available to users.
  • Pay attention to site rates. For effective dating, there are paid services on the platforms, choose a site according to your budget.
  • On dating sites for serious relationships, there should be mandatory user registration.
  • Check the ratings of dating sites. Pay attention to the number of reviews and their composition.

💌 Conclusion

Acquaintance on dating sites is a great opportunity to start a relationship with someone who fate will bring you. Often, users do not even suspect that they are communicating with scammers. Their mission is under the guise of a romantic partner to do everything to get financial or other benefits. Now you know exactly everything about scams on dating sites, and how to avoid them.


How do you know if you are dating a scammer?
You can recognize such a person immediately. The main signs that you are communicating with a fake are: they do not agree to video chat, you can find their photos on Google, and they ask for money.
What countries are top in romance scams?
Most likely, you will never receive an invitation to a call from such a person. The reason is simple – they do not want to show out their voice, because, often, even a man – scammer can hide behind the avatar of a cute bride.
What does a romance scammer want?
Often, scammers on dating platforms have one goal – to get money from victims. They can do it in many ways, and you must immediately respond correctly to this.
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