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What Does it Mean to Separate in a Marriage?

If you were to separate in a marriage, it means you would not want to be in a relationship anymore. It is different from a divorce, which is the final and the complete end of a marriage. A marriage separation is like a time-out between you and your partner. It is a sign that things are not going very well, and you need some time to think. If you have children and decide to separate from your partner, it complicates proceedings. You may have to discuss when you will see your children and who will take care of the them. These questions will have to be answered. But you must remember that separation marriage comes in many different forms. 

There are some couples that will want to completely separate. This means not living together anymore. One partner will leave the home, and you will have to come to some understanding regarding payments of mortgages, etc. There are some couples that would prefer to still live together but not be in a relationship. Separation in marriage means living together but not as a couple. The reason couples will choose the method is to save the marriage. The thinking is that taking some time away from each other may bring us back together in time. 

Is Separation Healthy for Marriage?

Whenever one of the partners struggles, they wonder: is separation good for a marriage? It happens that some quality time away from each other can allow you to think. You get to clear your head and understand what you want in your life. Marriage can be quite smothering and time-consuming, not allowing you any personal time. A healthy relationship should include time for yourself. This will help you understand what it is that makes you happy in life. There are many cases of couples going through separation in their marriage. They take some weeks or months apart, and they end up getting back together stronger than ever. 

When you are in a marriage, it is important to communicate. If you want some time alone, you must communicate this desire. Marriages that last the test of time need better communication. If you ask yourself: “Can separation save a marriage?” The answer is positive as long as you communicate that you need time apart from your partner in a fair, honest way. Separation can help your marriage through rough, turbulent times. The research shows that couples who want to take some breaks and do not separate are more likely to divorce. This is because they will resent their partner for not having time apart, and the marriage will fall apart. 

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How Do You Deal with a Marriage Separation?

A marriage separation can be one of the most challenging things you will ever go through in your life. In many cases, a marriage separation is when two people stop living together. They will cut financial ties together and go it alone. It can feel like death, as you are no longer with the person you once loved and spent most of your time with. People deal with this in different ways. Many men and women will be depressed and sad for a long time. At the same time, others will feel a weight lifted off their shoulders. Some methods can help you in dealing with marriage separation pain. 

The first method is to make sure you confide in someone and chat. This is a critical way to express your feelings and thoughts about the situation. Having someone you can rely on to talk it out with is essential. Another way to help you deal with this situation is to keep yourself active. If you are spending lots of time doing nothing and feeling sorry for yourself, you are sure to get depressed. Try running or heading to the gym. These things will make you feel better about yourself and release feel-good hormones.

It is also important to surround yourself with positive people. You do not want to discuss things with a friend who is divorced and says nothing positive about a possible restoration of your marriage. This will make your life more difficult if you want to get back together with your partner. Positive people will encourage you to do whatever makes you happy. It is good to remember that there are no rules of separation in marriage. Every situation is unique and different. Which means what may work for you may not work for someone else. Follow your intuition, and you will know what the best way to deal with a separation in marriage is. 

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What Should You Not Do When Separating?

There is a list of things that you should not do when you separate from a marriage. As we have stated, marriage separation is a challenge for anyone to navigate. Every marriage separation forms the possibility of a new start in life. 

Check out the following list of things you should not do when separating from your partner:

  • Do not get violent against your spouse. This is common and leads to lots of trouble further down the road. If you have children, you will lose custody of them with this behavior. 
  • Do not involve the children. It will not help anyone if you air your views about your spouse to your children. Leave them out of your dispute; it has nothing to do with them. 
  • Do not leave the family home unless you feel you are in danger. If you do this, you may lose your claim on interest on the home. 
  • Do not abuse any joint bank account you may have with your spouse. The courts will not look at this in a positive light. 
  • If your spouse is financially dependent on you, do not cut off finances. Any child support should be paid. If you refuse to pay, the courts will step in, and it can get messy. 
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These are some of the things you must avoid when separating from your marriage. You will be in a good position if you use common sense and do not make these mistakes. Hopefully, reading this article gives you a good idea of what separation is in marriage. 

We have quite a few articles on this subject that will give you insight on how to deal with problems in marriage and ways to deal with them. By getting professional help, you will be able to navigate separation in marriage much better. 

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